NEWS RELEASE: Stark Industries

CEO Anthony Edward Stark has made the decision, effective immediately, that all current projects, production, and manpower at Stark Industries be re-applied to the pinball division. All employees currently tasked with marketing or advertising are now tasked with backglass and cabinet art development. All employees currently tasked with weapons development are now tasked with creating new multiballs. All employees, including janitors, are still required to continue their martial arts and general ninja training. In the long run, these decisions will lead to continued prosperity and a better future at Stark Industries and for all of mankind.

All questions regarding these changes can be directed to Obadiah Stane (TheBigIron [at] Mong3r dot com)

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  1. tomdotcom

    Make that 2 death saves, great vid, and great skills as always, thanks for posting.

  2. Yeah, those death saves were CRAZY. It’s great to get run downs on the newer Stern games, as I tend to see these more often “out in the wild.” Thanks again for taking the time to make these videos. Each one is like taking a class in pinball!

  3. CDS

    Must be something wrong with my computer or something…now when I try to watch your videos, they just look like pictures with no play button or anything…

  4. admin

    You’ll need the Adobe Flash Player, and you’ll likely need Javascript turned on, or allowed for and, if you’re using NoScript. You might also see if you can see the videos directly on Vimeo:

  5. Kevin

    An Indiana Jones the pinball adventure (Williams) tutorial would be great. Damn it’s hard for me to hit that mode start target.

  6. HOW

    I have one near me…..and they have DOUBLE $$$ on tomorrow!
    Gonna watch this on the iPhone later and give it a goo go (PS. Great these play on the iPhone 😀 ) Andy

  7. SgtSmackaho

    I would love to see an AFM video as I am looking to purchase one, and have spent COUNTLESS $$ playing them in the wild!
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Mish

    I was just happy to see a “Lazarus Ball” caught on film, but then Bowen has to go and throw a couple of death saves in for good measure! BEK keeps the pimp hand strong!

  9. Robert

    Stark Industries was founded by Howard Stark as a technology company. After his death, his son Tony – aka Iron Man – took over the company.

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