Gameplay videos offer a short look at a machine’s rules followed by a basic example of how the game is played. The primary function of a gameplay video is to give the viewer a sense of the game’s angles, sounds, lights, and occasionally a general strategy. ¬†Gameplay videos are also intended to serve the purpose of documentation for rare or older games that are no longer being produced.

Tutorial videos are in-depth looks at specific games, often discussing every aspect of a particular machine and going over the rules in as detailed a method as possible. Strategy tips during tutorials often trend toward competition play.

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Aces and KingsWilliams1970 Gameplay
Addams Family, TheBally1992Tutorial
Al's Garage BandAlvin G1992 Gameplay
AlgarWilliams1980 Gameplay
Alien PokerWilliams1980Tutorial
Amazing SpidermanGottlieb1980 Gameplay
AndromedaGame Plan1985 Gameplay
AquariusGottlieb1970 Gameplay
ArgosyWilliams1977 Gameplay
Asteroid Annie and the AliensGottlieb1980 Gameplay
AtlantisBally1989 Gameplay
Attack from MarsBally1995Tutorial
Austin PowersStern2001 Gameplay
AvengersStern2012 Gameplay
AztecWilliams1976 Gameplay
Bad CatsWilliams1989 Gameplay
Band WagonBally1965 Gameplay
BarracoraWilliams1981 Gameplay
Batman Dark KnightStern2008Tutorial
BaywatchSega1995 Gameplay
Beat the ClockBally1985 Gameplay
Big Buck HunterStern2009 Gameplay
Big FlipperChicago Coin1970 Gameplay
Big GunsWilliams1987 Gameplay
Big IndianGottlieb1974 Gameplay
Black KnightWilliams1980 Gameplay
Black PyramidBally1984 Gameplay
Blue ChipWilliams1976 Gameplay
BonanzaGottlieb1964 Gameplay
Bram Stoker's DraculaWilliams1993Tutorial
Bride of PinbotWilliams1991 Gameplay
Buck RogersGottlieb1980 Gameplay
ButterflySonic1977 Gameplay
Cactus CanyonBally1998 Gameplay
Cactus JacksGottlieb1991 Gameplay
Captain FantasticBally1975 Gameplay
Car HopGottlieb1991 Gameplay
Card WhizGottlieb1976 Gameplay
CentaurBally1981 Gameplay
Centigrade 37Gottlieb1977 Gameplay
Champion PubBally1998 Gameplay
CheckpointData East1991 Gameplay
Cirqus VoltaireBally1997 Gameplay
Class of 1812Gottlieb1991 Gameplay
CleopatraGottlieb1977 Gameplay
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