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  1. Joe
    September 10, 2009 at 2:07 am

    Good comments, Kevin.

    Kickbacks: At least the way my game is set up, the kickback isn’t highly required; i.e. the left outlane isn’t particularly drainier than other era games. Personally, I never shoot to relight it; sometimes it gets relit by random bounces. I’d rather shoot the Rt. 66 ramp than screw around with relighting kickback.

    Engine as a gimmick: Yeah, pretty much. It’s cute when the ball bounces around on its own when locking — I bet that was easy entertainment for casual location players. And Rev Mode is definitely dumb. But it makes a lot of sense to have an engine in a Corvette game.

    Raucous: Besides the mostly useless Raucous letters, I *think* a couple of the track combos terminate with this shot.

    Multiball jackpots: Well, they *can* be valuable — if you get the jackpot value maxed (not too hard), the (very satisfying) loop/ramp combo awards jackpot + double jackpot for, I think, 300M combined — not bad for two flips, and then they’re lit again. Also, track combos are available during multiball, and many of those combos include the upper loop and/or upper ramp, so you’re getting double value on those shots during multiball — not a bad thing.

    Overall, I think Corvette is an underrated game — it’s fast and fun and actually has quite a few ways to accumulate points, though certainly combos are the biggies.

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