Well, well, well. What do we have here?

via Dirty Donny’s blog – Street Walking Cheetah with a Hand Full of Crayons

What appears to be a tricked out Earthshaker with lead guitarist Kirk Hammett at the helm.

And here are artist Dirty Donny and lead singer/rhythm guitar player James Hetfield with the custom Metallica machine.

Pictures likely do this game little justice, as this time around they’ve surely hacked the game’s original sound ROMs to now rock Metallica in place of the game’s original earthquake ridden road trip sound track. So, fresh ART and MUSIC? This is a serious step up, in technological scope, from the Hellacopters custom redress. These guys are making moves, and that’s rather inspiring.

Word is this custom pinball machine will be on display at the Pacific Pinball Expo in California, first weekend of October. Don’t suppose we’ll get a closer look or listen before then…