Keeping an Eye on Pre-Registrations

This time last year we had 97 pre-registrants signed up, while we’re +13 that with 110 at the moment and little more than word of mouth to thank. Historically speaking though, here are how the numbers look – as per dear sigma’s files:

Tournament Year Pre-Registrations Total Players Registered
Pinburgh 2001 49 171
Pinburgh 2002 68 145
Pinburgh 2003 70 149
PAPA 7 2004 102 218
PAPA 8 2005 123 275
PAPA 9 2006 141 315
PAPA 10 2007 132 272
PAPA 11 2008 155 312
PAPA 12 2009 213 389

As always, general admission is free, gratis, walk on through our doors, everyone is invited to come play, we’re open for over 55 hours, from August 12-15.

PAPA HQ is a 30,000sq ft facility, dedicated vintage arcade gameroom stocked full with over 425 pinball machines, 20some classic arcade games, and room to roam. For the World Pinball Championships we arrange 51 of the collection’s games in the ring on the red carpet for competitive play, the remaining 375+ machines on the purple carpet are set to token play for any and all who so desire. 4 tokens for $1, games are typically 2tokens/1game/3balls.

Over the past few years it’s become more than evident that PAPA is growing, the largest most competitive pinball tournament on the planet has earned itself a reputation, and we honestly have no idea how big things are going to get anymore! In 2009 at PAPA 12 we figure well over 2,000 people made their way through our doors to get their game on.

If you’re coming strictly to compete, help clue us in to how many of you plan on descending in Pittsburgh to get serious for cash and rank by pre-registering. Let us know how much energy we’re going to need to focus on the center of the arena.


Is that BBQ I smell? Ribs? Vulture’s wing?