PinGame Journal on PAPA 12

Last year Jim Schelberg from PinGame Journal handed over control of his magazine to Clay Harrell for a year and took off in search of some of that good ol’ rest and recuperation. Clay did an amazing job with the magazine during his time as guest Editor/Publisher, traveling himself to many of the events he covered in 2009, including PAPA 12, as well as visiting with the folks who were working on the projects and people present when the history went down as profiled in PinGame Journal during his tenure.

In Issue #136, you know the one with prolific game designers Wayne Neyens and Steve Kordek on the cover, Clay’s travel report finds him in the midst of a pinball scene that calls parts of Appalachia, aka SouthWest Pennsylvania, USA, home, and his ventures between the Silverball Country Club and PAPA 12 make for a tantalizing travel guide of the area immediately surrounding Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

So what was Jim supposed to do with the field report written up and submitted by Mish Paull on 2009’s World Pinball Championship tournament? Welp, as a little pre-PAPA 13 type action the PinGame Journal has published Mish’s piece online, free for all!

Gotta say thanks to Mish for taking the time to get so many of the details she did right in her wrap up, to Jim for making sure her work saw the light of day, and to Clay for publishing his stellar report that graced those glossy pages. Thanks for reporting on the World Pinball Championships for the community from within.

Fun to take a quick look back at last year, with PAPA 13 just 9 days away.