World Pinball Championships – Final Results

Classics I – Dave Hegge – Chicago, IL, USA
Classics II – Josh Sharpe – Palatine, IL, USA
Juniors – Justin Ortschied – Barberton, OH, USA
Seniors – Rick Prince – Broomall, PA, USA
C Division – Seth Lettofsky – Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA
B Division – Joshua Henderson – Plainfield, IL, USA
A Division – Keith Elwin – Carlsbad, CA, USA

Detailed qualifying standings can be found here:

Detailed results from all finals rounds can be found here:

Congratulations to both three time defending World Pinball Champion Keith Elwin, and two time defending Juniors Division Champion Justin Ortschied.

Will be back before long with pics and a more proper series of post-tournament wrap up posts.