Beacon, NY Squeezes One Out

From the New York Times

Open for two years, the Retro Arcade Museum in Beacon, N.Y., eventually fell victim to a city ban on amusement arcades, which has since been eased.

You might think that in a town marketing its past, there would be plenty of room for Fred Bobrow’s Retro Arcade Museum, a nostalgic swath of analog pleasure in a digital world.

But then sometimes the only thing more retro than an old arcade is the working of local government. Or so Mr. Bobrow, 46, thinks as he leaves town, broke and disgusted, after building a business that mastered the electromechanical coils, buttons, switches and relays of old arcade machines but not, it seems, the gears of City Hall.

€œIt’s been sad and kind of pathetic. For me, this was something that made me happy and made other people happy, and it turned into this insanity. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.€� Mr. Bobrow said.

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