PinbAll Glory to the Hypnotoad

Saturday night frontpage love from nerd news aggregate Slashdot – What Pinball Looks Like When the Stakes Are High – Comments section rating: B

In the most mainstream of American magazines, glossy perennial Sunday morning paper slip-in Parade’s feature on Stern Pinball – Keeping a Pinball Wizard’s Dream Alive – Comments section rating: yeah, no., German blog exposure generating way more traffic than you’d likely imagine – 41 Minute Video from the World Pinball Championships Finals – Comments section rating:

38,000hits and counting coming from juggernaut Gizmodo – Watch How a World Championship Pinball Game Is Played – Comments section rating: A

Just about done making the tech blog rounds on Kotaku – This Is What $10,000 Worth of Top Tier Pinball Play Looks Like – Comments section rating: solid C-

Who knew AOL’s news service still delivered content? Switched – Intense Pinball World Championship Goes Down to the Final Ball – Comments section rating: Fact that the writer’s name is Warren Riddle likely scared off the parrots. Also, AOL?!

Update 9.7.10 AM Wall Street Journal front page piece on pinball repairmen going the way of the dial tone – In Short Supply: Pinball Wizards Who Can Fix Old Machines. In print, bottom of the front page, dead center – Comments section rating: Was decent. Has since been deleted?

Update 9.7.10 PM Kotaku mirroring the WSJ piece – the Lonely Pinball Repairman – Comments section rating – poppin’

Update 9.8.10 CBS’ Marketwatch follows suit – Odd Jobs – Pinball Repairmen