Family Guy & Avatar with Bowen

Welcome to the wide, wonderful world of tutorials with Bowen Kerins, life super star and pinball extraordinaire. (Bowen wanted to call it something boring like “Pinball Tutorial”, but boring just doesn’t cut it down here at PAPA headquarters.)

What Bowen has created for you are two tutorials on how to successfully navigate the 2007 Stern pinball game Family Guy and the 2010 Stern game Avatar.  He discusses rules, strategy, and in-game physics to help you keep the ball in play longer.  In the future, we will periodically update our blog with more games.  Bowen is currently tied to a pole at the headquarters while we force him to keep explaining his strategies.  He escaped once, but we caught him and made him perform flipper passes for two hours as punishment.


Family Guy
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***Note: Bowen wanted me to mention the Eywa captive ball can be used as an add-a-ball feature during multiball, and also that the upper pop bumper lanes are used to light the multiplier inserts, which you can then use to double any major shot for the rest of the ball.  This video was his 112th take, so we cut him some slack when he forgot to mention these things on camera.***

Click the button at the lower right of the video to resize it to “full-screen”.

And since all of you have already pre-registered for our upcoming match-play Pinburgh tournament, you can use Bowen’s tips on March 18-20 when the tournament starts!

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  1. Kevin
    March 10, 2011 at 3:08 am

    Love, love, love the Family Guy tutorial.

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