Live on the Scene

Some really great articles on pinball and general reminiscence.

An excerpt…

After you lock two balls in Dr. Who, the game starts to scream at you in a loud and grating voice, some kind of British babbly nonsense about exterminating the doctor in a loud and grating voice. A friend once described the horrible noise the machine makes during this part of the game as sounding like “an ex-girlfriend yelling at you.”

Shooting the balls in the holes helps the doctor destroy stuff, all while the robotic ex-girlfriends yell at you. I think you’re wiping something called a “Dalek” off the face of the Earth. For those of you who aren’t English majors like myself, here’s a quick language lesson: “Dalek” is the word the British use for “screaming robot that sounds like your ex-girlfriend.”

This is how you have fun with Dr. Who pinball: destroy the robot girlfriends.