Pinburgh 2011: The Third Ten Groups

At Pinburgh 2011, everyone will play 3-game matches against others for two solid days before determining tournament finalists in A, B, and C Division. We decided to €˜group’ the games together: 1 quick game (€˜Speed’), 1 longer-playing game (€˜Stamina’), and 1 in between (€˜Skill’). Today, we’re revealing the third 10 groups of 3 games:

  1. Fireball, NBA, Firepower
  2. Sharpshooter, High Speed, Fish Tales
  3. Hot Line, Addams Family, Lectronamo
  4. Wild Fyre, CSI, Who Dunnit
  5. Swinger, No Good Gofers, Big Game
  6. Andromeda, Baywatch, Wheel of Fortune
  7. Gator, Cheetah, Big Buck Hunter
  8. 300, High Speed 2, 8 Ball Deluxe
  9. 2001, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Black Hole
  10. Iron Man, Xenon, Quicksilver

We’re looking to name each group. What names would you give? Leave a comment. Registration for Pinburgh 2011 is still available, and the list of players continues to grow. Join in, it’s only a few weeks away!


  1. March 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    22. Shooting, Speeding, and Fishing: The Rural Triathlon
    27. Wild Things
    28. Bowling, Speeding, and Pool: The Suburban Triathlon
    29. Science Fiction Triple Feature
    30. Fexehg, or The Elements of Pinball

    And I’m putting in a vote for the group names to be in Rocky & Bullwinkle “next episode” format, like my suggestion for #30.

  2. That's Right
    March 2, 2011 at 11:27 am

    29. 2001 Creatures in your Black Hole

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