Everyone loves drop targets!

So you’re into pinball, right? You compete at tournaments, think about it at work, watch videos, read Rec Games Pinball, work on your own games when they break. You purchase every pinball magazine out there… or do you?

Jon Chad & Alec Longstreth are the authors of the Drop Target Zine, a postcard-sized publication packed full of over 50 pages of rockin’ pinball-related material. When a copy first arrived at PAPA headquarters, I thought to myself “What on earth is this?” Then I opened it up to find a full two-page spread of a Harry Potter concept pinball machine, pinball-related comic strips, an explanation of the workings of a tilt mechanism, and some pretty far-out ideas for pinball in general. All of the articles are accompanied by photographs or hand-drawn artwork.

Each for the first two issues is available for purchase on their website. Check it out. It’s a unique, awesome pinball publication that is difficult to describe with my meager words.