Classic Playfield Reproductions

Over fifteen different backglasses were shipped today from the PAPA facility on a long journey to Classic Playfield Reproductions. Everyone cross your fingers in hopes of safe travel as they make their way to Stuart in Arizona. If all goes well -and it should, they were really packaged well- the pinball community will have additional options in future years for replacing those tired and flaking backglasses.

If you haven’t taken a look at CPR’s offerings, check out their website.

The current list of backglasses CPR is trying to locate for reproduction include

Star Trek – The prototype version with the TV costumes, not the silver jump suits.
Captain Fantastic – Without the stars
Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom
Rolling Stones
Hot Doggin
Night Rider – Solid State Version
Centaur II
Seawitch (I’m looking at you, Scaletta. I know you have a nice one.)