Pinball is back! But not quite how you would expect… Howie Tsui won a contest held by the Council of Art in Ottawa. An excerpt from the original article is below.

The artist €” recent winner of the $5,000 emerging artist award from the Council of the Arts in Ottawa €” was asked by a gallery to create works for an exhibition on the bicentennial of War of 1812, with a theme on the health-care side of battle. Tsui was skeptical, but research taught him that battlefield surgery €œwas a really messy procedure,€� he tells me during an interview in his Centretown home. €œSince a musket (ball) isn’t aerodynamic, when it enters your body it doesn’t come clean out, like a modern bullet, it just kind of rattles around in your torso.€�

Others might imagine that ball rattling around their innards and think €œouch.€� What Tsui thought was, €œit’s kind of like a pinball machine.€� His art project on historic military health-care was born.

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  1. May 10, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    Dude! Shoot for MANGLED VISCERA!

    For the curious:

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