Pinferno Initial Players List – updated

Here’s the list of players who registered for Pinferno today.  Thanks for everyone’s wide interest and thanks to Reciprocal Skate Shop for their work and organization of Pinferno.  Online payment collection is due December 14.

UPDATE: PINFERNO staff has opted to expand the field to 64. The following is taken directly from their facebook page.

pinferno online registration just sold out in 1min 45 sec.

i’m not kidding!!!

so we’ve done some heavy thinking, and we’ve made an executive decision to expand it 64 people.

so people, i give you the PINFERNO VII OFFICIAL ROSTER (including world player rankings as of 12/4/12):

1) Jon Ehrlich (1125th)
2) Jill Hennessy (3458th)
3) Steve Marsh (703rd)
4) Bryan Doull (not ranked… yet)
5) Eddie Cramer (921st. better than me? wtf?)
6) Greg Matherly (6815th. is that even a real number?)
7) Steve Bowden (24th, in the world, not just new jersey)
8) Adam Cane (2305th, pathetic)
9) Lyman F. Sheats Jr. (17th, damn!)
10) Jory Rabinovitz (2017th. slacker)
11) Frank Romero (64th. also the number of towels he has that are competition sanctioned)
12) Francesco LaRocca (195th. it socks!)
13) Eric Asher (1576th)
14) Sam Thompson (613th)
15) Beau Briggs (unranked, except on starship troopers.. 1st)
16) Penni Epstein (508th)
17) Scott Lano (4505th)
18) Avi Rosenberg (10311th. 5-figure club member)
19) Sean J. Grant (80th)
20) Ian Harbor (5196th)
21) Steve Zahler (51st)
22) Jeff Prunier (4803)
23) Joshua Maes (unranked)
24) Sanjay Shah (118th)
25) Pete Hendricks (126th)
26) Joe Said (123rd. oooooh.. dangerously close to pete hendricks)
27) Matt Hess (743rd)
28) Frederick Asher (1272nd. and even younger than josh henderson)
29) Bryan Broyles (2680th)
30) Pat Castaldo (210th)
31) Cristin Gasson (1945th. but 1st in joe said’s eyes. awwwww!)
32) John McEwen (1733rd)
33) Ed Zeltmann (109th)
34) Mark Steinman (139th)
35) Mitchman Funkatron (not sure of pinball ranking, but probably highest ranked breakdancer in tourney)
36) Michael Mattsson (813th, and 2nd best ifpa profile picture.. behind mine)
37) Jeff Harrison (1420th)
38) Howard Levine (477th)
39) Jody Jodon (412th)
40) Ken Rossi (999th)
41) Kevin Stone (unranked)
42) Justin Bath (387th)
43) John Hurd (787th)
44) Drake McAbe (unranked)
45) Stephen Keeler (912th)
46) Chris Newsom (74th)
47) Rebecca Schleider (1993rd)
48) Dom Zito (no tiene ranko)
49) Jason Werdrick (25th)
50) James Swain, Jr. (unranked)
51) Matt Makowski (2293rd)
52) Andy Rosa (8th. no big deal)
53) Nick Lombardo (4141st)
54) Andrew Rosa II (184th. also younger than josh henderson)
55) Michael Field (1630th)
56) Josh Boerman (unranked)
57) Anthony Dohnert (unranked)
58) Joshua Henderson (13th in the world, 14th year of life, and not to be under-estimated)
59) Mark Henderson (368th)
60) Jerry Bernard (196th)
61) Trent Augenstein (unranked) (just kidding, 6th)
62) Jenn Peavler (271st)
63) Kevin Nickel (650th)
64) Doug Polka (766th)

if i reported any of that info incorrectly, please voice all complaints to PAPA and the IFPA.

please feel free to email any questions to

good luck to all contestants! this is about to get nuts…