Louisville Arcade Expo: Day 2 Report

An insane 222 players played in the Louisville Arcade Expo’s open division, making it the largest pinball tournament in the United States since the PAPA World Championships.  And (we think) it’s the largest since then in prize money, with over $10,000 on the line between Open and Classics.  PAPA helped to organize the tournament with machine setup and sponsorship.

Fred Cochran won the Classics Division last night, romping through the winners’ bracket and taking down a field of top competitors including Steve Bowden, Trent Augenstein, and Roger Sharpe.

There were some enormous games yesterday, including an insane 954 million by Andy Rosa on Addams Family.  Two tours, no extra balls.  The high scores on other machines were dramatic: 314 million on AC/DC and 17 million on Genesis for Steve Zahler, 363 million on Pirates for Jon Replogle, 3 billion on World Cup Soccer for DJ Riel.

The top 16 are gearing up for the A final, with many of the players competing for a spot in the PAPA Circuit Final.  The top 20 players in the Circuit standings at the end of the tournament will qualify for the Circuit Final.

  • Trent Augenstein can ensure his 3rd overall seed by finishing at least fifth today.  He played in 9 of the 10 Circuit Events, and made the top 16 cutoff in all nine of them.
  • Joshua Henderson and Steve Bowden can pass Cayle George by finishing at least sixth, and Josh Sharpe by finishing in the top three.
  • Jason Werdrick and Andy Rosa can pass Cayle for 5th with a tournament victory.
  • Brian Shepherd has eliminated Keith Johnson by qualifying, but is not safe.  Steve Zahler, Sanjay Shah, Andrew Rosa II, Bob Matthews, and Pete Hendricks (who qualified with literally a last-minute game of Genesis) can pass Brian with strong play today.  It seems unlikely that Dave Stewart’s 91 points will be enough to make the top 20 when the tournament is over, but he could survive.
  • Any player can advance to the Circuit Final by winning the tournament, except Mark Steinman.

We’ll keep you posted!


  1. Karl
    March 10, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Was there a special on your first entry, or first one free? 100+ of those players only played a single entry.

  2. bowen
    March 10, 2013 at 1:44 pm

    Yes, all players who attended Louisville Arcade Expo got one free entry to the pinball tournament. Pinball Expo in Chicago has the same policy.

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