Louisville Arcade Expo — from 16 to 8

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In the four quarterfinal groups, the best 2 of 4 players advance.henderson_tie

In Group 1, Andy Rosa advanced.  Joey Springer hung a huge score on Transformers to push into a tiebreaker with Josh Henderson, but Henderson won the tiebreaker.  DJ Riel was eliminated.

In Group 2, Bob Matthews advanced winning all three games, and Brian Shepherd barely beat Steve Zahler in a tiebreak to take the second spot.  Andrew Rosa II was also eliminated.

In Group 3, Trent Augenstein and Jason Werdrick advanced.  Sanjay Shah and Mark Steinman were eliminated.

In Group 4, Pete Hendricks and Jon Replogle advanced.  Steve Bowden and Will McKinnie were eliminated.

More to come…

  • 9th: Joey Springer
  • 10th (tie): Steve Bowden, Steve Zahler
  • 12th: Mark Steinman
  • 13th (tie): Will McKinnie, DJ Riel
  • 15th (tie): Sanjay Shah, Andrew Rosa II

With his 10th-place finish, Steve Zahler now has 96 Circuit points, passing Dave Stewart for what may be the 20th spot.  Brian Shepherd will earn at least 30 points to pass or tie Sean Grant at 103.  It’s going to be very, very close, with 4 of the final 8 players having the chance to push their way in.

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  1. Art
    March 10, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    The live tweeting of finals is great! Keep it up!

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