Louisville Arcade Expo — from 8 to 4

In Group 1, Andy Rosa and Josh Henderson advanced, while Brian Shepherd and Bob Matthews were eliminated.

In Group 2, Trent Augenstein advanced and Jason Werdrick was eliminated.  Then Pete Hendricks beat Jon Replogle with a huge Ball 3 on Genesis.

Andy, Josh, Trent, and Pete are playing a 3-game final with $2000 to the winner.  Pete will make the PAPA Circuit Final if he can finish at least second.

  • 5th: Brian Shepherd
  • 6th: Jon Replogle
  • 7th: Jason Werdrick
  • 8th: Bob Matthews
  • 9th: Joey Springer
  • 10th (tie): Steve Bowden, Steve Zahler
  • 12th: Mark Steinman
  • 13th (tie): Will McKinnie, DJ Riel
  • 15th (tie): Sanjay Shah, Andrew Rosa II