PAPA TV Kickstarter: Road Show!

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 5.53.29 PMThanks to everyone for helping us reach our third stretch goal at $37,500.  Now, PAPA has all the equipment needed for high-quality recording and streaming of pinball.  What next?

How about a road trip from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles and back, with the newest pinball machine in tow, setting it up for free play there and back again?

$50,000 level IS LIT – There and Back Again! Fund a cross-country trip from PAPA Headquarters to the PAPA Circuit Tournament “It Never Drains in Southern California” in January 2014. We will take along the latest and greatest pinball machine, and turn this trip into a long-distance public relations effort for pinball itself. In addition to livestreaming the Circuit Event in Southern California, content for a monthly show on PAPA TV will be created daily, with stops at arcades and private collections, interviews with pinball personalities, and visits to local leagues. We will be setting up the new machine in as many places as possible to encourage new players to enjoy the game. In addition to the monthly show, we will stream content live during the trip. This level includes the purchase of a PAPA TV van or trailer, which will also be used to haul equipment to future Circuit Events.

Spread the word around, we hope this is something a lot of people will be interested in seeing live as it develops.  The new goal is $50,000.  Additionally, for each $1000 from here to there, we’ll film a pinball tutorial in the next 12 months.  At least half will be different: they’ll be live, taking feedback and questions from the PAPA TV audience.

Thanks again for your generosity: over 500 people have now backed the PAPA TV campaign.  We hear some groups are gathering money for the big-ticket items, such as custom token design or even a full takeover of PAPA HQ for a day.

Chase Nunes of GeekGamer.TV has posted Round 2 of the Circuit Final’s Endurance phase here, with Brian Shepherd, Tim Tournay, Daniele Acciari, and Sean Grant.  The video is also available for direct download.  Look for more videos from Pinburgh 2013 as they become available.

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  1. April 29, 2013 at 10:16 am

    How about developing a cheap, PAPA-approved camera travel-setup/platform so we can get good quality streaming/recordings from European tournaments too 🙂

    I know I’d buy one!

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