One week from today, 400 players will be on the dinner break after their twelfth game of competitive play at Pinburgh 2013. Over 56,000 balls will be plunged, just on Friday and Saturday, on the over 200 pinball machines that will be used in the tournament.  More than half of the players are in affiliations of 5 or more players; those groups will compete against one another for bragging rights.  The full list of registered players is in our previous post.

There is still a waiting list for spare places in the tournament.  If you are local to Pittsburgh and can make the tournament at the last minute, you should consider signing up.

Don’t forget about the side events: Monday at the Slovak Club, Tuesday at Noble Manor Lanes, Wednesday at Double Wide Grill.  Thanks to Pittsburgh Pinball League for organizing these side events.

On Thursday, April 11, two big events at PAPA HQ.  The first is the PAPA Circuit Final, starting at 9:30 am, featuring 20 pinball masters who qualified from strong performances at tournaments around North America.  The Circuit Final will be aired live on Geek Gamer TV and Ustream, but the best way is to see it live on PAPA’s top-down HD cameras.  Every game’s worth $100, and a champion will emerge from a marathon 7-game final.

The second big event is Pingolf, from noon to 7 pm.  Players each get one chance at the nine-hole course by donating to the Pinball Outreach Project, a great organization seeking to bring pinball to childrens’ hospitals.  Minimum donation is $10.  The top 16 finishers will play off for swag prizes and WPPR points.

The full schedule for Pinburgh 2013 is available here.  Please let us know what questions you have.


  1. jws
    April 9, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    live broadcast. that is awesome. thanks for taking care of all of us who would rather be there then anywhere else, but for some good reason or another have to miss it. hoping for some rotating live commentary as well.

  2. O_R_D
    April 10, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Regarding the live feed, I have seen that Geek Gamer tends to upload their past broadcasts to several sites like youtube. I can assume they will do the same with the PAPA Circuit Final?

    I might not have a chance to catch the action live.

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