California Extreme Updates

California Extreme Finals are taking place today. The qualifying standings can be found here. Finals will consist of four groups of four players who each play three games. At the end of the each three game round, the top two players per group will advance on to the next round. The total prize pool for the tournament is over $9,000US.

Jim Belsito is the California Extreme 2013 Modern CHAMPION! Jim fought his way through the field today, putting up several big scores, and took down Keith Elwin, multi-world champion on a brutally-playing Lord of the Rings. Congratulations to all participants, and congratulations to Jim on his Circuit win and entrance into next year’s PAPA Circuit Final.

Update 9:25
Modern Finals – Tiebreaker to determine champion
Lord of the rings – lightning flippers
Ball 1
Player 1: Jim Belsito – 12m
Player 2: Keith Elwin – 1.3m

LOTR is playing exceptionally fast and is on difficult settings.

Update 9:22
Keith Elwin and Jim Belsito are tied at 8 points and will play a one game tiebreaker on Lord of the Rings for the championship. Bowen kerins took 3rd and Raymond took 4th.

Update 9:01
Ball 3
Player 1: Keith elwin 107m
Player 2: Raymond Davidson 75m
Player 3: Jim Belsito 76m
Player 4: Bowen Kerins 30m

Update 8:57
After three quick balls by the other players, Keith steps up for Ball 2 with a commanding lead.

Update 8:53
Keith opens with 95m on ball 1 of ACDC.

Update 8:45
Jim Belsito wins game 2 with 45m. Bowen Kerins comes in second, followed by Raymond Davidson and Keith Elwin. The final game will be played on ACDC. Jim Belsito currently has a 6pt to 4pt lead over Keith Elwin. Bowen Kerins has 3pts, and Raymond is trailing with 1pt.

Update 8:19
Keith Elwin scored 430 million points on Addams Family in Game 1 of the finals to take the early lead. Jim Belsito followed with 145m, with Bowen Kerins in 3rd and Raymond Davidson in 4th. Game 2 is on Metallica.

Update 7:37
The finals of the Modern Division in California Extreme will consist of

Keith Elwin
Bowen Kerins
Jim Belsito
Raymond Davidson

Update 5:52
Round 2 of the Modern Finals is about to begin. The groups are as follows

Group 1
Game 1
Keith Elwin 106m
Bowen Kerins 56m
Jennifer Peavler 44m
Per Schwarzenberger 41m

Game 2
Keith Elwin 117m
Bowen Kerins 31m
Jennifer Peavler 5m
Per Schwarzenberger 18m

Game 3
Keith Elwin 80m – advances to finals
Bowen Kerins 79m – advances to finals
Jennifer Peavler 14m
Per Schwarzenberger 60m

Group 2
Game 1
Jim Belsito 314m
Andrei Massenkoff 184m
John Kremmer 208m
Raymond Davidson 245m

Game 2
Jim Belsito 30m
Andrei Massenkoff 88m
John Kremmer 19m
Raymond Davidson 90m

Game 3
Jim Belsito
Andrei Massenkoff
John Kremmer
Raymond Davidson

Update 5:17
In case you didn’t notice, Andrei Massenkoff, PAPA14 World Champion, just hung 216m on Metallica.

Update 5:15
Two players from each group will advance to the second round. The scoring updates for each game can be found below. Game three is being played in all groups.

Update 4:44
Round 1 Modern Finals
As updates become available on which players advance, we will post them here. All games have been set up at an expert level of difficulty, including tight tilts, fresh rubber, and in some cases shorter flippers.

Group 1
Game 1
Keith Elwin 18m
Dave Stewart 2m
Joshua Henderson 47m
Raymond Davidson 101m

Game 2
Keith Elwin 52m
Dave Stewart 13m
Joshua Henderson 21m
Raymond Davidson 12m

Game 3
Keith Elwin 28m – advances
Dave Stewart 42m
Joshua Henderson 21m
Raymond Davidson 54m – advances

Group 2
Game 1
Addams Family
Tim Hansen 81m
Jim Belsito 108m
Bob Matthews 55m
Per Schwarzenberger 93m

Game 2
Cirqus Voltaire
Tim Hansen 29m
Jim Belsito 4m
Bob Matthews 19m
Per Schwarzenberger 3m

Game 3
Time Hansen 13m
Jim Belsito 39m – advances
Bob Matthews 35m
Per Schwarzenberger 40m – advances

Group 3
Game 1
Cirqus Volt.
Robert Gagno 6m
Cayle George 1m
Andrei Massenkoff 21m
Jennifer Peavler 4m

Game 2
Robert Gagno 8m
Cayle George 2m
Andrei Massenkoff 216m
Jennifer Peavler 13m

Game 3
Robert Gagno
Cayle George
Andrei Massenkoff – advances
Jennifer Peavler – advances

Group 4
Game 1
Bowen Kerins 600m
Karl Deangelo 222m
John Kremmer 231m
Patrik Bodin 127m

Game 2
Addams Family
Bowen Kerins 178m
Karl Deangelo 67m
John Kremmer 20m
Patrik Bodin 17m

Game 3
Bowen Kerins 21m – advances
Karl Deangelo 3m
John Kremmer 14m – tie
Patrik Bodin 91m – tie

Update 4:18
All four first players have lined up, and we’re off!

Update 4:16
Modern Finals are about to begin. I have to run the tournament, so updates may become slow until I can find someone to continue posting. I will check back in periodically with updates.

Update 4:07
Alex Samonte rolls Royal Flush in the tiebreaker and takes third place. The final standings for the Classics Final was:

Dean Grover – Champion
Keith Elwin – 2nd Place
Alex Samonte – 3rd Place
Cayle George – 4th Place

Update 4:00
The kids final consists of:
Bella Gershtein
Bobby Mundo
Jesse Petersen
Jack Slovacek

Update 3:58
Dean Grover is the California Extreme 2013 Classics Champion!
Keith Elwin 2nd Place
Cayle George and Alex Samonte are playing a one game playoff to determine third and fourth place.

Update 3:24
Classics Final
Game 1 Eight Ball with a powerball
Dean Grover 143k 4points
Cayle George 69k 2points
Keith Elwin 42k 1point
Alex Samonte 31k 0points

Game 2 2001
Alex Samonte 5096 4pts
Dean Grover 4035 6pts
Cayle George 2752 3pts
Keith Elwin 2725 Tilt Ends Game 1pt

Game 3 Royal Flush
Keith Elwin 141,920 5pts
Dean Grover 81560 8pts
Cayle George 69410 4pts
Alex Samonte 30,820 4pts

Update 3:14
Chris Harkins sweeps the first two games of the casual finals and will take home first place in that division. Congratulations Chris!

Update 3:12
Getting difficult to move in and out of the tournament area with the crowd that has gathered to watch.

Alex steps up to game 1 of the Classics Final on Eight Ball.

Update: 3:10
Cayle George will advance to the Classics Final. The final Group will consist of:

Keith Elwin
Alex Samonte
Dean Grover
Cayle George

Update 3:05
Todd Doesn’t quite catch Dave and is eliminated. Cayle is playing the final game of the tiebreaker. Either Cayle or Dave will advance alongside Alex Samonte.

Update 3:00
Dave Stewart leads off on the tiebreaker and scores 41610, a decent score, but Dave will likely need some help. Todd MacCulloch steps up next.

Update 2:56
Keith Elwin scores over 7400 on 2001 and wins all three games in his group. Dean Grover also advances to the Classics Final.

The second group has come down to a tiebreaker on abra cadabra. Todd MacCulloch, Dave Stewart, and Cayle George all have 5 points and will be competing for one spot, alongside Alex Samonte who advances with 6 points.

Update 2:53
Casual Final Update
Chris Harkins wins game 1 and takes 4 points to game 2 on Addams Family

Update 2:46
A crowd is gathering to watch the projector screens.

Update 2:41
Casual Finals is ongoing and consists of:
Chris Harkins
Lee Nuqui
John Lautmann
Tom Collins

They are currently playing Lord of the Rings. Modern finals will begin as soon as Casual finals finishes.

Update 2:40
Keith Elwin rolls Royal Flush and wins both games one and two to advance. All other spots in the final round of Classics are up for grabs with one game to go in both groups.

Update 2:17
Keith Elwin wins game 1 on Abra Cadabra, a five ball, single player game, as player 4 while still on his second ball.

Update 1:56
Cayle George and Robert Gagno advanced through the tiebreaker.

Groups for Round 2 consist of:
Keith Elwin
Dean Grover
Cayle George
Greg Dunlap

Alex Samonte
Dave Stewart
Robert Gagno
Todd MacCulloch

Update 1:47
With the success of the PAPA kickstarter, and the upcoming launch of, text updates will soon be a thing of the past for Circuit Events. The current plan is to livestream the PAPA 16 World Championships Finals this August, and then follow that event up with coverage from the Pinball Expo in Chicago. The schedule for additional Circuit events that will be livestreamed will be posted in the coming months.

The monthly show will launch this October or November, depending on how quickly we can work through some of the technical challenges. During this single trip to California, the PAPA team has accumulated nine interviews with a wide range of pinball personalities and is looking forward to bringing them to all of you. The show will include interviews, game reviews, tech tips and even travel segments on the area surrounding large tournaments.

Tutorials and gameplay videos will also soon be released on a schedule, so all interested viewers will know which games are going to be reviewed and when.

Update 1:50
Groups for Round 2 consist of:
Keith Elwin
Dean Grover
Greg Dunlap

Alex Samonte
Dave Stewart
Todd MacCulloch

Update 1:42
Noteworthy scores from the first round include
Dave Stewart 466,340 on Eight Ball
Cayle George 94,870 on Sky Jump
Todd MacCulloch 5766 on 2001

Update 1:39
Greg Dunlap and Todd MacCulloch advance. Josh Warren and Jeff Fehervari are eliminated.

Cayle George, Robert Gagno, and Dale Geiger are in a three way tiebreaker where two players will advance. The game will be played on Eight Ball. Mike Hafner was eliminated from the group.

Update 12:31PST
On game one of Eight Ball in Classics, Dave Stewart scored over four times as many points as all four opponents combined.

Update 12:32PST
Groups for Modern Finals. Modern Finals will start at Noon PST.
1 Keith Elwin
8 Dave Stewart
9 Joshua Henderson
16 Raymond Davidson

2 Tim Hansen
7 Jim Belsito
10 Bob Matthews
15 Per Schwarzenberger

3 Robert Gagno
6 Cayle George
11 Andrei Massenkoff
14 Jennifer Peavler

4 Bowen Kerins
5 Karl Deangelo
12 John Kremmer
13 Patrik Bodin

Update 12:40
Groups for Classics Finals, being played now:

1 Bob Matthews
8 Keith Elwin
9 John Kremmer
16 Alex Samonte

2 Joshua Henderson
7 Rick Stetta
10 Dave Stewart
15 Dean Grover

3 Cayle George
6 Dale Geiger
11 Robert Gagno
14 Mike Hafner

4 Greg Dunlap
5 Josh Warren
12 Todd MacCulloch
13 Jeff Fehervari

Update 12:42
Eight Ball is a single ball Solid State machine made by Bally. The version in this tournament contains a Power Ball, which is a small, ceramic ball resembling a pool cue ball that plays faster than a normal pinball. This decision is a somewhat unusual move for a high-level tournament but it’s not something the players have complained about.

Update 12:45
Greg Dunlap takes first on Abra Cadabra but follows it up with only 2850 on the game 2001. Todd MacCulloch steps up and finishes with 5800 on the same game.

Update 12:49
The California Extreme hall has just opened for the day. The pinball tournament is located in the back corner across the room from the entrances. Visitors will have to weave through hundreds of pins and arcade games to find us, but if they ever get lost, they can look up and see the games being projected by Randy Elwin’s tourney-cam on the wall.

Update 12:56
Dave Stewart leans back in chair, watching. Jennifer Peavler sits beside him calmly reading a book, waiting for Modern Finals to begin.

Update 1:12
Alex Samonte and Keith Elwin have advanced to the second round. Bob Matthews and John Kremmer were eliminated.

Update 1:21
Dean Grover and Dave Stewart advance. Joshua Henderson and Rick Stetta were eliminated.

Updates will now be located at the top of the thread for ease of reading…


  1. July 14, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    Thanks for posting the updates. Good luck to everyone who qualified. Wish I could be there today.

  2. Chris
    July 14, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Thanks for posting! I’ve been following the qualifying standings most of the weekend! Congrats to Dean on the Classics win!

  3. Chris
    July 16, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Congrats to Jim Belsito! I would love to see that tie-breaker game on LOTR!

  4. kme
    July 18, 2013 at 12:11 am

    No you wouldn’t.

  5. Roger
    July 18, 2013 at 3:08 am

    Are these being recorded? I’d love to see some competition Cirqus Voltaire.

  6. July 18, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Metallica Group 1 Game 1 video:

    CAX is hostile to TourneyCams — bad lighting, very noisy, and
    ColorDMD’s get blurry at high viewing angles…

  7. Chris
    July 18, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Thanks for posting the video. Was there a good chunk of Keith’s game missing? I didn’t see where 106M would’ve come from?

  8. July 19, 2013 at 12:08 am

    KME indicates this video isn’t correct — I’ll review it tomorrow.

  9. July 19, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    The video annotation is incorrect.

    Who played the last match on Metallica, ending about 7pm, with Bowen (I presume) scoring 40,103,610 ?

  10. Chris
    July 19, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    That should be Keith, Jim Belsito, Bowen, and Raymond Davidson.

  11. July 21, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    AC/DC finals with audio of the famous “Bowen roll”:

  12. July 31, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Ok, fixed annotation on Metallica finals…

    Metallica game 2

    LOTR tiebreaker:

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