Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 Gameplay

Dutch Pinball has released a new gameplay video for their Bride of Pin*Bot 2.0 project. I had a chance to play this game recently at Pinball Expo, and it is justifiably awesome.

They’ve completed modes for each of the small wheel awards, and they plan on having modes for all of the large wheel awards as well. I also like the idea of having your performance in these modes affect the value of the jackpot shot when you reach Multiball. It’s no longer a one-shot game. That’s cause for a celebration!

Bride of Pinball 2.0 Gameplay Video


I tweeted @DutchPinball to see whether they would make the soundtrack to the game available at some point because I really enjoy the game’s music.

I’ve heard that some of you don’t fully appreciate the rave, EDM-style soundtrack. First of all, you are wrong, and you need to fix that about yourself ^_^. Secondly, think about the story of this game:

You are a team of astronauts whose job it is to get in a space shuttle and fly to another planet. When you get there your task is to construct a giant, female-like, chrome robot the size of several buildings, and then make this robot human by bringing it to life. Mind you, the team has already attempted a male-like version of this project previously.

I ask you, what music goes with such an ambitious project other than high-energy EDM epicness? OK, maybe death metal?

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  1. ORD
    October 26, 2013 at 7:08 am

    Those DMD animations are gorgeous. I have never seen that kind of fluidity and quality in a pinball display.
    Somebody at Stern should be taking notes.

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