Pinball Expo Photo Report

Pinball Expo 2013 wrapped up with Zach Sharpe winning the finals of the Flip-Off PAPA Circuit tournament, but there were a lot of other things going on there as well.  Here’s a few shots to give you an idea of one perspective on this long-running pinball show.  Some captions as well, but mostly this will be a photo-report.

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Qualifying rounds…

All photos by Gene X Hwang/Orange Photography – more pinball related photos posted in this continually updated gallery.

Stern Factory tour:6363_SPins_0958f



6363_SPins_0969fSeminars included the voice of Xenon, Suzanne Ciani in conversation with Chris Granner, and a fireside chat with the Jersey Jack team among many others.6363_SPins_0996f 6363_SPins_1012f 6363_SPins_1014f While the Expo Hall had many options to play games and check out all sorts of pinball-related products.6363_SPins_1022f 6363_SPins_1027f 6363_SPins_1029f 6363_SPins_1033f Aside from the PAPA Circuit tournament there were many other events you could compete in as well including the Expo Brawl, a Wizard of Oz charity tournament and the Star Trek launch party. 6363_SPins_1042f 6363_SPins_1047f 6363_SPins_1049f 6363_SPins_1051f 6363_SPins_1061f 6363_SPins_1085f 6363_SPins_1091f 6363_SPins_1095f 6363_SPins_1102f 6363_SPins_1106f 6363_SPins_1114f 6363_SPins_1117f 6363_SPins_1121f 6363_SPins_1122f 6363_SPins_1128f 6363_SPins_1132f 6363_SPins_1133fPerhaps the only person to whom Atari’s Hercules is not an oversized machine – Todd MacCulloch6363_SPins_1139f 6363_SPins_1142f