Thank you Backers!

bannerThanks to our generous kickstarter backers, competitive pinball is about to move into a brand new phase.  Never before in the history of our game have more resources or competitive coverage been readily available for players, fans, and viewers.  It was less than three years ago when the first Pinburgh video received audio commentary, and it was only a few short months ago when we asked for your assistance in creating PAPAtv, helping us grow as both a game and organization.  We are now very close to taking that next step toward putting competitive pinball back on the map in a big way.

We would like to welcome you to our new website.  We have consolidated several of our existing resources on the web and made a long list of improvements.  We are still hard at work behind the scenes and plan on continuing to upgrade and improve this website in the coming weeks and months.  Our intention is to continue as a community resource, and we are always accepting feedback, ideas, and help.  Things at PAPA are never slow, and we welcome you to contact us at any time!

You may notice a few brand new features we have begun offering the community.  Our Player’s Guide is designed to introduce novice players to our wonderful game, while the brand new Director’s Guide is intended to serve as a helping hand for new tournament or league managers.  Both of these sections will be expanding in the near future with additional information and differing points of view.  In addition to the two guides, our video section is receiving an overhaul, and you may notice we are now publishing new material on a schedule.

PAPAtv Booth

Steve Bowden, Adam Lefkoff & Mark Steinman running the PAPAtv booth at the World Championships.

Our broadcast booth at PAPA headquarters was finished only days prior to PAPA 16.  We were lucky to put together a few tests runs and finally managed to send out a video signal of the PAPA 16 World Championships at 480p.  Since this broadcast, we have been feverishly working to improve, and we are now capable of bringing our viewers a signal at 1080p with higher frames per second, making the action all the more exciting for those of you following along at home.  We have also worked on improving our audio quality, and finally, we have transformed the broadcast system we designed this summer into a mobile solution, meaning we can bring you tournament coverage from all over the United States.

Our next broadcast will be October 19 & 20th from Pinball Expo in Chicago, Illinois.  After that, we will head to the Southern Pinball Festival on November 22-24th, and close out the year broadcasting from Pinballz Arcade in Austin, Texas.  While we will not be able to bring you every Circuit tournament every year, we will be capable of broadcasting the vast majority of them and have already added events to our initial list, including non-circuit special events, such as the League Challenge this November between the Free State Pinball Association & the Pittsburgh Pinball League.  We will always be searching for new and exciting ways to bring you interesting pinball content.

Those of us pulling the strings within PAPAtv expect the journey over the coming years to be both challenging and entertaining, and it is our goal to keep you updated and interested every step of the way.

Thank you all sincerely for your support!

~PAPA Staff