Firepower & Sorcerer Photographs

Photographs this month are courtesy of Donald Fregede.

Sorcerer 1In Donald’s own words: What is pinball to me? It’s about that little world under the glass. That little world that I can go to and not worry about anything else in my life. I’m a police officer and chose that as my career path over ten years ago. Needless to say, this is a stressful job and seems to become more so the longer I do it. Pile on all the other stressors (mortgage, bills, family, etc.) that accompany the typical adult life and it can feel overwhelming. That’s where pinball comes in. Whether I’m playing, repairing or just talking about the hobby, pinball is better than any bottle of booze ever could be at relieving that stress. And when I go to that little world under the glass, that’s all that matters. And if something breaks in that little world, I can fix it. Very rarely can I say that about people and the problems they present me with at work. I can “band-aid” situations and help people see a solution but only they can truly fix their life.

Firepower 3I only say this to show perspective on how I feel about pinball. Not to create an overtone of melancholy. Pinball is “FUN” in the purest sense. I really have to laugh when I hear about how pinball was once considered “evil” and “bad.” This has got to be one of the most family friendly activities there is. In a world where video games have almost virtually drawn a line between a child’s game versus and adult’s game, pinball can still be played by all ages. Sure, you have “family mode” to turn off possibly offensive language but anyone can still play the game. Try and say that about GTAV.

Sorcerer 2I’m happy to see such a strong resurgence in the hobby. Though my first memory of playing was a Funhouse at my local Pizza Hut in the early 90’s, I really became hooked during the early 2000’s. Not exactly one of pinball’s better era’s. To see it become popular again is wonderful thing. Along that same token, I really have to give some credit to FarSight and The Pinball Arcade which, I think, has introduced a lot of new people to pinball and made so many of those that forgot to remember how much fun it is to bang that silver ball around the little world under the glass, whether it’s virtual or real.

Firepower 1

Firepower 2

Sorcerer 3