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PolygonPolygon writer Dave Tach visited PAPA headquarters recently to discuss the future of pinball and the broadcasting possibilities of PAPAtv. What he found was an enthusiastic team looking to do whatever it can to spread its love of the game.

Dave’s article focuses primarily on Kevin Martin, Mark Steinman, and Bowen Kerins, but all of us at PAPA feel compelled to remind readers the PAPA organization would not be able to function without its other members, Elizabeth Cromwell, Steve Eckert, Doug Polka, and the countless volunteers who help with so much. PAPA is truly a team effort.

As written on Polygon

Enter a world where 450 pinball machines is only the beginning.

Kevin Martin knew things were bad when he stopped his car on a bridge, peered over the side and saw the river water rising. When the water started to engulf his car, he began walking.

Weeks earlier, Hurricane Ivan had made landfall on the Gulf Coast, devastating vast swaths of Ala., Fla., La. and Texas. Those in the Midwest and along the eastern seaboard know that landfall doesn’t mark the end of a hurricane’s destruction. Over the next few days, Ivan inched north, wringing out rain as it spread out across the country…

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