SFPD League Update – November

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The following was written and / or photographed by league members of the San Francisco Pinball Department.  


San Francisco Pinball Department



SFPD part 2 – The Halloween Round

The San Francisco Pinball Department is in its first year. We play two seasons per year, fall and spring, and we meet every other week at FreeGoldWatch in the Haight neighborhood. While we are still young, we are experimenting with formats, scoring, playoffs, and so on, until we find something that works really well. We use pen and paper to record the points for each group of four, and it’s working out OK. Maybe the maker of Brackelope one day will expand his extraordinary app to fit group based league play?  

For our 8th round out of 10, we were only a week away from Halloween, so we decided to encourage our members to show up in pinball related costumes. To incentivize this, the three best costume bearers were to be awarded a bonus point each. Matt, Shon, and Nate were the jury, and their votes fell on Vanessa (Fireball 2), Leann (Space Shuttle), and James (Bullwinkle).

To our surprise there was a bunch of Bullwinkles, as well as the explorer from Black Pyramid. Other characters included: Rudy from Funhouse, Dorothy & the Wicked Witch from WOZ, the shark from Baywatch, Hugh Hefner, Dr. Dude, and a very cool ensemble of MM’s barnyard madness.

Visiting us was film maker Jason Scott, who is making a documentary about arcades. You can visit his flicker page at https://secure.flickr.com/photos/textfiles/sets/72157630600565424/page2/

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