Tune in for the seminars from the Southern Pinball Festival starting at 1 p.m. est. on PAPATV!

PAPAtv will be live starting at 1:00p ET, 11/23, for these three seminars at the Southern Pinball Festival in Orlando, FL:

1:00pm Brian Dominy of Heighway Pinball talks about programming their new game, Full Throttle.
2:00pm Gary Stern of Stern Pinball talks about all things Stern, including the new Star Trek LE.

3:00pm Mark Steinman of PAPA along with Bowen Kerins talk about PAPAtv’s live coverage, then play a live broadcast game of Star Trek LE, courtesy of Stern Pinball.

Times are subject to change. Spread the word, we’ll be live playing Star Trek LE.