Fall Pinball League Final Photo Report

6363_SFPinball_1298fThere’s been a lot of activity out here where I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I was fortunate enough to stop by three league finals including the San Francisco Pinball Department’s (above), which I competed in, as well as Belles and Chimes’ first season tournament and the BAPA Season 20 final tournament as well.  Each was different but all had a great spirit of enthusiastic competition and play.

San Francisco Pinball Dept.
Fall 2013 Champion: Andrei Massenkoff
Runner-up: James Squires (Spring 2013 and Inaugural SFPD league champion)

The SFPD trophy
The SFPD trophy!6363_SFPinball_1256fA-division finals group photo.

Chris Harkins focused on White Water – he won the Flip Offs.6363_SFPinball_1267fThe O’Neills brought home brew!6363_SFPinball_1269f
The top finishing female competitor was Amber Marie Simon.6363_SFPinball_1271f League organizer Per Schwarzenberger showing focus on Lethal Weapon 36363_SFPinball_1276f Chrystel captured in a candid moment.6363_SFPinball_1278fMickey (left) with Matt and Leann of Free Gold Watch where the league is hosted, chat with Flip-Off tournament manager Jessica. 6363_SFPinball_1295f Some people played pinball, some people fixed machines.  Many of the machines are owned and operated by Shon Dolcini (in hat), who diagnoses Baywatch with Darren and Challisa.6363_SFPinball_1304f Spring 2013 Champion James Squires hands off some bubbly to new champ Andrei Massenkoff.

Belles and Chimes
Inaugural Season Tournament Champion: Ellen Frankel
Runner-Up: Nina G.

6363_SFPinball_1315fLeague organizer Echa Schneider explains the playoff rules at the Pacific Pinball Museum where the finals were held.

Great prizes were up for the taking.  The league also donated the most toys to the POP (Pinball Outreach Project) toy drive!6363_SFPinball_1318f
Games from every era were included in the playoff since the PPM has so many great options.

Season 20 Champion: Andrei Massenkoff
Runner-up: Josh Lehan

6363_SFPinball_1323fLeague President Eugene Gershstein discusses the bracket while Jeff and Masha look on.6363_SFPinball_1324f
BAPA uses QR codes and smart phones to keep track of the matches as well as the online brackets developed in house by team members.6363_SFPinball_1325f
A few of the machines in the back room including one of the best playing Congo’s!6363_SFPinball_1329f
BAPA has several families in the league where the next generation of pinball wizards are being groomed.6363_SFPinball_1330f
The aptly named Punishment beer was on hand during the grueling playoffs.6363_SFPinball_1335f
BAPA’s youngest finalist competes against her mom, appropriately, on Family Guy 🙂6363_SFPinball_1340f
BAPA also had awesome tokens to place on machines if you were up next.  They were customized with the date, pinball initials and of course, were For Amusement Only.
6363_SFPinball_1348f Pinball can be a rough sport.  In Northern California we have to worry about earthquakes too.  In this case, though, a stuck ball required the glass to be taken off.  When it was being slid back on, the glass just shattered randomly and this was the result…6363_SFPinball_1351f

Bella says: “I swear I didn’t do it!” while playoff host Chris Harkins uses the mighty Shop Vac to clean up the glass.

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