Pinball on NPR

Pinball Monopoly_wide-5258c25994b2ffd1c28c7b055e9b0ef17f3e1f65-s40-c85As found on NPR:  For more than a decade, Stern Pinball was the only manufacturer of pinball machines. The Chicago-based company‘s last rival closed down in 1999.

But Stern’s pinball monopoly may be drawing to an end. In 2011, the startup manufacturerJersey Jack Pinball opened for business, and it’s working hard to grab a slice of the industry.

“You know, it would be a boring world, I guess, if there was only one company making shoes or handbags or anything,” says Jack Guarnieri, the New Jersey company’s owner. “So, I think more competition and more product in the marketplace raises the awareness of pinball.”

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