Pinball Update from Vancouver

Pinball League in Vancouver Runs As Satellite to Pinburgh

Pinball in VancouverIn Vancouver, BC, Canada the Library Square Public House (link: ran a league for four months where at the end two packages (flight, hotel, entry fee) would be given away to Pinburgh.

The first package would go to the overall winner of the league and for the second there would be a finals tournament where players 2-17 would play off, the winner of that tournament would win the second package.

overheadThe best part about it all? The games were on free play, and the buy-in was a big fat zero. It cost no money to enter and there were no WPPRs given out. The two packages were provided by the bar as a freeroll to pinballers.

Each Wednesday there was a three strike, head to head, tournament played. The winner got the total number of players in points and second received the number of players minus one, all the way down. If there were 40 players the winner would get 40 points, second would get 39, third 38, etc.

Pinball in VancouverThe league had great numbers with 100 different players playing and twice getting 40 players out competing on a Wednesday night.

After sixteen weeks Jordan Hudson won the first package in spectacular fashion winning five weekly tournaments and a boat load of points.

For the finals the players were split up into four groups based on seeding. The highest seed got to choose machine or position and each group then played three games with the top eight players moving on to the semi finals.

Pinball in VancouverIn the semis the groups played three games with the top four moving on and the finals were three more games.

Even after all that pinball it wasn’t settled, Andy Pettersson and Shawn Haley tied and had to play a single game tie breaker.

In the end Andy came away victorious and became the second player making the trip to Pinburgh on Library Square’s dime.

Pinball in VancouverEveryone involved with the tournament would like to thank the for putting this on and providing the awesome prizes, Jordan Hudson and Eden Stamm for running it, and all the players for playing.

Keep an eye out at Pinburgh for the winners!

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