SFPD League Update – December 2013

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The following was written and / or photographed by league members of the San Francisco Pinball Department.  


San Francisco Pinball Department


The San Francisco Pinball Department has completed its second season. After a regular season consisting of 10 meetings, we had the playoffs and Flip Offs (for players ranked 17-32) on Wednesday, December 4th.

The Flip Offs were a fun way for the players who barely missed the playoff cut off, to come and play for some hardware. The winner was Chris Harkins, followed by Jeff Fehervari, Gene X Hwang, and Jay Goldlist.

The playoffs were organized so that the top 4 got 2 byes, and players 5-8 got 1 bye. The finals were a dramatic affair, with reigning champ James Squires pushing Andrei Massenkoff to overtime after they tied for first. They played one more game of Demolition Man, and both had 2 low scoring balls to start with. Andrei then put up a cool billion on ball three to put the pressure on James. Seemingly unaffected by this, James played a great ball and had 500 million and Museum multiball lit when his ball drained to end the season. Matt Willmarth took 3rd place, and 15-seed Daniel Frankston 4th place.

Our spring season will start on January 8th, 2014. Follow us on www.sfpins.org!