FSPA League Update – January 2014

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The following was written and / or photographed by league members of the Free State Pinball Association.


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Mighty Mike’s finish for 2013 Fall season.

All finals took the top 4 of 9 players in each division, with three division: A, B and C. For finals, each player plays a head-to-head match against the other three players, and two matches against all other players (4-player matches).

Steve Kapinos dominated league all season, finishing off as the top qualifier by a wide margin during the regular season, and certifying his pinball prowess by winning the A division finals with authority. The A division qualifying was very close in the last 3 weeks of the season with multiple bubble player changes. Paul McGlone, Gilles Melanson and Julie Schober continued to move up-and-down until week 10 finished with Kevin Stone, Paul and Gilles as the 2nd thru 4th spots for A finals. During the finals, Steve won all three head-to-head matches and did enough in the two 4-player matches to run away with the win at 15 points. Paul followed with 11, Kevin with 9 and Gilles with 5.

Newcomer to FSPA David Barber squeaked into the last spot for B division finals in the last week of the regular season. He then went on to dominate the B division field by winning the first 4-player match and all three head-to-head matches for a win with 15 points. Followed by Phil Pinette with 9 points, Rob Wintler-Cox with 9 and Josh Wilson with 7.

In her second season with FSPA, Denice Thornton hung around the 3rd and 4th spot in C division for the final few weeks of regular season. Starting at the 4th spot with no game picks, Denice went on to win C division with an outstanding performance of 15 points by winning all three head-to-head matches, one 4-player match, and placing 2nd in the last 4-player match. Followed by Rich Wickersham with 10 points, Kathy Quinn with 10 and Dave Orsolini with 5 points rounds out the final results for Mighty Mike’s.

This season we started with 31 players, eventually settling down to 27 players. Of those players, David Barber and his father Mike Barber joined FSPA for their first season, and we had two returning couples in their second season: Denice Thornton/Jon Stephanou and Kathy Quinn/Dan Quinn. We also had 2nd season Matt Burke with friends in their 3rd season Dan Zuchowski and Tom Pedigo. In all, since Mighty Mike’s began in 2013 with three season, we have gained 9 new returning players to FSPA.

The next 2014 season starts at Mighty Mike’s on January 13th (week 0 for pre-plays and practice).

Contact Kevin Stone at kevin -at -fspazone.org for more information.


VBH Fall 2013 Playoffs

On Wednesday, December 11th, the Volleyball House League of the Free State Pinball Association met to determine the champions of the Fall 2013 season.

C Division finals featured two brand new players, Adam Noll (trust me, no matter what you may have seen in any videos, he was brand new to pinball!) and Kim Druhan, one player in his second season in Jamie Catania, and Ron Denton, who has only played the Volleyball House league a handful of times. Ron was the #4 seed, so had no game picks for the entire night, but that didn’t faze him as he took 4 point finishes in his first three games. Adam was no slouch, taking 3 point finishes in his first three games (including a win on Robocop,) leading to a head to head matchup in round 4 on Cleopatra. Adam needed to win the game in order to stay in the hunt, but fell short by a score of 70,450 to 36,680, giving Ron Denton the championship of C Division with 15 league points. Adam came in second with 13 league points, Jamie came in third with 7 league points, and Kim came in fourth with 5 league points.

B division finals featured Mike Frasca, who made it to the semifinals in B division at PAPA 15, Justin Day, the beast of Crabtowne playing in his third season, Jude Gabriel, playing in his 14th season, and William Wulf, playing in his 10th season. The key game was a head to head matchup between Mike and Justin on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both players were coming into the game with 9 points and a significant lead over Jude and Wulf. A win would be huge, and a 4 point win (achieved by tripling the other player’s score) would seal up the championship. Mike had an awesome game and got the 4 point win without having to play his last ball, with a score of 1,658,665,940 to 196,026,790. Mike finished with 16 points, followed by Justin with 13 points after a quality game on Baywatch in Round 5, Wulf finished in third with 6 points, and Jude finished in fourth with 5 points.

Division A finals featured Dave Hubbard, the only certified FSPA pinball wizard by winning 10 matches in a row in the Summer 2012 season, Bill Wetzelberger, who is one of the best players you may not have heard of, Justin “Philly” Bath, who finished in 4th place in B division at PAPA 15, and Jake Peterson (not Jake from State Farm), who made his first A division placement and qualification this season. You may remember seeing Dave and Jake in that lil challenge on PAPA.tv.

In round 1, Justin rolled over Williams Grand Prix to secure a 4 point win. Round 2 saw an epic match on Baywatch where Dave eked out a win over Jake on bonus (1,604,758,020 to 1,565,321,190.) Going into round 3, Justin had 7 points, Dave had 5, Bill and Jake had 2 each. Due to everyone else’s game picks, Jake would have to play High Speed for Rounds 3, 4, and 5. Jake defeated Bill in Round 3 for 3 points, and then had a 4 point victory over Justin in Round 4, putting Jake back in the hunt with 9 points. Dave got 3 point wins over Justin on Stargate and Bill on Star Trek: The Next Generation to come into Round 5 with 11 points. Justin, with 8 points, could still win if everything else fell right. However, Dave played with the skill that we’re used to seeing and secured a 4 point victory without having to play ball 3 with 3,766,130, finishing with 15 league points and the championship. Bill took 3 points with 1,260,960, finishing with 7 league points and fourth place. Justin squeezed out one point with 531,660 while Jake got no points with 409,040. By virtue of Justin and Jake finishing tied with 9 points, the tiebreaker is their head to head game, which Jake won. Therefore, Jake finished in second place, and Justin came in third.

Volleyball house league finished with 27 players, and along with Adam and Kim, welcomed Ron Aughenbaugh, Matt Groh, and Garrett Maury to their first seasons with the FSPA. The Spring 2014 is fast approaching with Week 0 on January 22nd and Week 1 on January 29th. We will also be doing our preseason knockout tournament on January 22nd at 8PM sharp. The winner of the knockout tournament will win free dues for weeks 6 through 10!

E-mail me at joek -at- fspazone.org if you’re interested in joining!


Town Hall Fall 2013 Playoffs

The B division finals pitted John Locke, the commissioner of the league and 3 year veteran, versus Greg Syquia, a 2 year veteran.  John chose games on Doctor Who, Wizard of Oz, and Funhouse while Greg chose Strikes and Spares and AC/DC for his two choices.  John won each of his game choices handily while also winning on AC/DC.  The final game on Funhouse was Greg with 1.4 million versus John’s 19.0 million points!

A division featured Colin “Spiderman” Horner, who finished in the top 16 in B division at PAPA 16, Justin “Philly” Bath, and Shawn Hillman, playing in his second season at Town Hall.  Justin started off by choosing Wizard of Oz for a 3 player match, where Colin got 4 points, Justin 2, and Shawn 0.  Then in the round robin rounds, Justin lost to Shawn on Attack from Mars, Colin defeated Shawn on Doctor Who, and Colin defeated Justin on Funhouse.  Colin’s wins put the title out of reach in Round 5 on Strikes and Spares.  Colin finished with 12 points, Justin came in second with 8 points, and Shawn came in third with 4 points.

Each first place finisher walked home with $68, second place received $53, and third place in A division received $48

The Spring 2014 season at Town Hall starts with week 0 on January 23rd, followed by week 1 on January 30th.  League starts at 8:30 on Thursday nights.

Contact John Locke at johnl – at -fspazone.org for more information.”