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Friday, Jan 17th, 11am – midnight
Saturday, Jan 18th, 10am –mid (scorekeepers only from 11pm-mid)

Classics and ‘B’ finals: Sunday 9am
“A” Finals will begin after the conclusion of “B” & Classics Finals

General Overview

The tournament consists of open qualifying and match play final rounds. During open qualifying, each player may make as many qualifying attempts as he or she likes. A point system is used to rank each player’s score on each machine. Those who rank highest at the end of qualifying will participate in the match play final rounds.

All players’ qualifying attempts are considered “open” attempts. However, to ensure that some less experienced players at the event will win prizes, the players will be split into two groups of qualifiers. Those who finished in positions 1-12 will qualify for the “A” division playoffs. Those who finished in positions 13-20 will qualify for the “B” division playoffs. To prevent top players from taking advantage of this, any player ranked in the top 200 of the World Pinball Player Rankings at the time the tournament begins shall not be eligible to play in the “B” playoffs. If such a player is in a position between 13 and 20, the next lower eligible player shall qualify instead. At the discretion of the tournament officials, any other player whose past tournament performance indicates that they should be treated as an “A” player may be also ineligible for the “B” division. [They probably know who they are.] If the total number of ‘players’ exceeds 50, the number of ‘Open’ qualifying slots will increase to 24 (1-16 ‘A’, 17-24 ‘B’).

A Classics Division side tournament will be held on older Electromechanical and or Solid State games. Entries fees will be the same as for the “A” and “B” divisions. The top 12 finishers will qualify for the Classics playoffs. There are no skill division splits within the Classics tournament.

Prizes and Fees

Prizes, as % of total entries are shown in the table below.
1st 20% 8% + trophy / plaque + sponsor prizes
2nd 14% 6% + trophy / plaque + “
3rd 8% 4% + trophy / plaque + “
4th 6% 2% + trophy / plaque
5th–8th 4% 1%
9th–12th 2% n/a
13th–16th 1% n/a
1st: $500 + Trophy + sponsor prizes
2nd: $250 + “ + “
3rd: $150 + “ + “
4th: $100
5th-8th: $50
9th-12th: $25

Top Qualifier in ‘Open’ and ‘Classics’ divisions will receive $50 each.
Top score on each machine pays $20.

A one-time $5 registration fee is required of each player who wishes to compete to defray the cost of trophies and other non-cash prizes, if any.
Registration does not include entries in any division; each entry is sold for an additional fee. All players who reside outside of California and travel to the tournament to register as a player will receive two free entries for both the main and classics tournaments.
The entry fee is $5 for 1 entry, $10 for 3 and $20 for 7 entries. Unplayed entries will not be refunded.

Each player’s best score on a machine will receive a point value based on its rank compared to all other players’ scores. We will use the common system where the #1 score earns 100 points, #2 earns 90 points, #3 earns 85 points and #4 through #87 earn one point less per position, i.e. 84 points down through 1 point. Ranks below #87 earn no points on that machine. A player’s overall score is the sum of their ranked scores on 4 of the 5 machines in that division of the tournament, whether or not the player has played all such machines.

NEW THIS YEAR: Division banks will contain 7-9 games to choose from out of which only the top 5 games for each player will count towards their qualifying point total. A player may choose to omit qualifying attempts on 2-4 of the 7-9 games in each bank with no detriment to their qualifying point total.

Because the rankings will change as new scores are posted on each machine, the overall score of each player may change as the qualifying rounds progress.

Tournament officials will endeavor to provide up-to-date scores and rankings. The overall ranking scores are used to determine which players qualify for the playoff rounds.

Points are counted separately for the Open [“A” + “B”] tournament and the Classics tournament.

Playoff Rounds

In the “A” division, Players 1-16 will play in the first match play round, grouped thus:
i. 1 + 8 + 9 + 16
ii. 2 + 7 + 10 + 15
iii. 3 + 6 + 11+ 14
iv. 4 + 5 + 12 + 13

In the Classics division, players ranked 1-4 will receive one bye. Players 5-12 will play in the first match play round, grouped thus:
i. 5 + 8 + 9 + 12
ii. 6 + 7 + 10 + 11
The top 2 finishers in groups i. and ii. move to the next round as follows:
iii. 1 + 4 + top two from (i.)
iv. 2 + 3 + top two from (ii.)
The top 2 finishers in each group will move on to final round.

Machines Selection
The machines used for final rounds in each division will be the same as those used in qualifying with one exception. The #1 qualifier in the “A” division may switch one machine with the practice bank and the finals bank, provided that the machine was available for all players to play during qualifying hours. The #1 qualifier is not required to do so, nor are they required to choose to play that machine during the final rounds. The “B” division will use solely the games used in qualifying.

Playoff Round Scoring

Each group will play three four-player games, scored as follows:

1st – 4 points; 2nd – 2 points; 3rd – 1 point; 4th – 0 points

The majority of the detailed rules are adapted from, whom we thank for making them available for other tournaments.

Games Used:
9 machines used in Open and 7 machines used in Classic divisions.

Tentative Game List:
Main Division:
Dirty Harry
High Roller Casino
NBA Fast Break

Classics Division:
Joker Poker
Bally Lady Luck
Laser Cue
Fireball 2


TOPPS tourneys’ for both Master and novice players.

IFPA sanctioned tournament. WPPR’s will be awarded!

PAPA circuit event!! PAPA TV will also be on-site, live-streaming the event!!

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of rules and details or
need any other info like lodging etc., check out our website:

January is a great time of year to come visit CA! Make your plans now to get out of that snow and rain and spend some time with us! [;)]

Co directors: Karl DeAngelo and Bob Matthews

Always looking for more sponsors! Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list!

Happy flippin!
The INDISC team


  1. Jack Wasserman
    January 6, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    Is this tournament open to anyone in the public? I’ve never participated in a pinball tournament though I am extremely interested in trying it out.

  2. MHS
    January 7, 2014 at 10:47 am

    Absolutely. Come on out and join in the fun. Also, keep in mind tournaments come in all different shapes and sizes, both big and small.

  3. January 10, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Flintstones? Really?


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