San Francisco League Update – January 2014

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The following was written and / or photographed by league members of the San Francisco Pinball Department.


San Francisco Pinball Department


San Francisco’s pinball league has just opened its third season with a league record 72 members participating.

New for this year is that the top 48 players after 10 rounds have the chance of winning it all. The playoffs will be a 16 player double elimination seeded tournament, on May 10th. The top 8 players after the regular season get an automatic bid to the tournament, and the other 8 spots will be decided by a one off league style seeded group based round, also on May 10th. The 32 players who won’t make it to the playoffs, all qualify for the Flip Offs, or consolation tournament. That will also be a seeded double elimination tournament.

As 82 members already have signed up, we are currently not accepting more members, for reasons concerning the available floor space at FreeGoldWatch. However, if you are passing through our fair city, you are welcome to purchase a guest pass at $10/night, and thereby join the fun. Or just visit FGW, which is on 1767 Waller st. It has quickly evolved into the premier pinball spot in the City.

From round 1 can be reported that our reigning champ Andrei Massenkoff, along with Brian O’Neill, posted the highest scores of the night. Andrei has been on a roll as of late, winning almost everything he has entered, and earning him the title of IFPA player of the month.