Lyons Spring Classic Circuit Event


If you plan to play in the Lyons Spring Classic PAPA Circuit event May 16th – May 18th, 2014, the registration page is now up and available for you to register:

Please note that this will NOT be like Pinburgh and “sell out” in a couple of hours. There is NO cap to number of players who can register. However, the sooner you register, the better your chance of securing a Pingolf Tee Time that suits your Friday, May 16th schedule. Tee times will range from noon til 8:00pm with a group going out every 15 minutes.

Please note too, that the Lyons Spring Classic can only (just) manage a 64-player, head-to-head bracket on the weekend, so the Pingolf tournament on Friday will be used as the qualifier for the weekend tournament. If more than 64 players register for this event, there will be some players who will NOT make the cut and play on the weekend. So please keep this in mind before you register!


Adam Lefkoff
Lyons Spring Classic Circuit Event Director