PAPA Circuit Final: Thursday, March 27

pinball2014_0102fIn about 12 hours the players and spectators will enter PAPA HQ to watch the PAPA Circuit Final, the culmination of a year-long series of tournaments held around North America.

At stake is $100 every game, an additional $2,500 to the champion, and a fantastic freaking belt. Also at stake: elimination. In every game until the final four, the last-place finisher is eliminated immediately.

Can defending champion Daniele Acciari of Italy repeat his run from last year, from the first game to the last? Or will #1 seed Keith Elwin add another banner to the PAPA rafters?

All of it will be live on PAPAtv, with camera angles and commentary geared for beginners and experts. The broadcast starts at 9:30am ET (1:30pm UTC): PAPAtv on Twitch.

Join us for a great day of pinball, and spread the word.

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Who’s Playing

  • #1 seed Keith Elwin won three Circuit events and finished second in three others.
  • #2 seed Zach Sharpe won three Circuit events and finished second in two others.
  • #3 seed Joshua Henderson, age 16, finished 3rd at the PAPA 16 World Championships.
  • #4 seed Trent Augenstein won the Fairfax Pinball Open in February.
  • #5 seed Jim Belsito won California Extreme in July.
  • #6 seed Adam Lefkoff finished 2nd at the Pinballz Arcade tournament in December.
  • #7 seed Steven Bowden finished 2nd at Pinballz and 3rd at Southern Pinball Festival.
  • #8 seed Donavan Stepp won Pinballz and finished 4th at the World Championships.
  • #9 seed Josh Sharpe won the Louisville Arcade Expo in March to advance.
  • #10 seed Andrei Massenkoff was the World Pinball Champion in 2011.
  • #11 seed Robert Gagno was featured on the Science Channel’s “Ingenious Minds”.
  • #12 seed Raymond Davidson, age 21, is one of the top players in Seattle.
  • #13 seed Dean Grover took 3rd at Lyons Pinball Classic and Louisville Arcade Expo.
  • #14 seed Dave Stewart finished 2nd at PAPA in 1994 and 3rd in 2007.
  • #15 seed Jason Werdrick finished 5th at PAPA 16 and 2nd at Pinburgh 2011.
  • #16 seed Cayle George made the PAPA final round three consecutive years, 2010-12.
  • #17 seed Bob Matthews is the Arizona state champion.
  • #18 seed Brian Shepherd took 3rd at Fairfax and edged out other players in Louisville.
  • #19 seed Tim Hansen took 2nd at Cascadia and two other top-16 finishes.
  • #20 seed Andy Rosa finished in the top 8 at the last two Circuit events to qualify.
  • #21 seed Daniele Acciari is the defending champion, and won both IFPA7 and IFPA9.

The Machines



  1. NOB
    March 28, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    The broadcast was great, I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing, though. Will the whole broadcast be made available at some time? There’s only about 2:30 hours on twitch.

  2. Soren
    March 29, 2014 at 5:26 am

    I must say, that I found the selection of games for the Circuit final excelent. A perfecct blend for a 7 game marathon competition.

    I couple of comments on the Creature game.

    Making a Jackpot also removes the KISS skillshot for the remainder for the game.

    I have played Creature without Playfield-x bug. I believe it is either due a European ROM or the machine set to European territory.

    Setting the machine to the European territory introduces another bug. It will install Hard settings when Medium is chosen. And hence on Factory restore. So Creature on location back in the day, where it was setup at default, have been quite a beast. No ball saver, no menu targets on snack bar, no rotation of menu targets and tight timers.

    Great play and great live production by all.

  3. NOB
    March 29, 2014 at 7:38 am

    Found the rest; just wasn’t in chronological order for some reason.

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