Wizard of Oz code update – 2.0

logo-1-217x300Wizard of Oz code has reached the 2.0 milestone. Be sure to update and check out all of the new features!

Information from Jersey Jack Pinball:

Version 2.00 is now available.

Please note this is a DELTA ONLY update. You must be running at least 1.24 to before upgrading to 2.00.

It can be downloaded from the following link:


Please review the FAQ’s associated with updating your game with a Delta.

FAQ For Delta Updates:

Below is a list of the changes from 1.25 through the release of 2.00.

== Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. ==
== Presents ==
== The Wizard of Oz ==
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== Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JerseyJackPinball ==
== Support Portal: http://support.jerseyjackpinball.com ==
== Company Twitter: @JJPinball ==
== Software Deptartment Twitter: @JJPSoftware ==
== Copyright © 2013 Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. ==

Comments, questions, and/or bug reports? Ask @JJPSoftware, which is monitored
and responded by humans.

Issues with your game?
Please open a ticket: http://support.jerseyjackpinball.com

== Legend ==

+ Addition * Change/bugfix – Note

== Version 2.00 ==

=== Game Code

* Fixed lamps in Weak Flippers Crystal Ball mode.
* Fixed monkey door flapping when game is powered up with a ball behind it.
* Fixed ramp diverter logic on ramp entry switch.
* No more autolaunching after locking a ball.
* Top sling cooldown fixed.
* Ball search handles Castle doors better.
* Fixed highlights for WINGED and MONKEY lamps.
* Fixed status report integration.
+ Extra Ball memory adjustments.
* BALL and RESCUE lamp effects a little more clear.
* YBR strobing removed.
* Hurry Build lamps toned down a bit.
+ RAINBOW completed effect.
+ Lots and lots and lots of speech.
+ Background lamp effect for TNPLH.
* Castle choreography stays around longer now.
+ Lamp effect for Castle available.
+ Kickout warning and sound for Winkie popper.
+ Lots of Rescue Multiball choreography.
+ Flipper alerts for upper playfields.
* Speech balancing for various features.
+ Upper flippers now ball search.
+ Chaos ball search for Castle doors.
* Castle doors don’t stay open as long.
* More logic to suppress door switches when device is active.
* Toto Escapes finale now holds ball if possible.
* Winged Monkey lamps blink if available, solid if completed.
+ Oz lane completion lamp effect.
* Fixed some bugs for some of the spellouts (most notably Rescue and Ball).
+ TNPLH adjustments.
+ Mode can be set to timed now (the default).
+ You can set the timer and how much time features add.
+ Rainbow difficulty adjustable (can be made easier than original).
+ TNPLH start difficulty can be adjusted.
+ You can control when Rainbow and TNPLH start get harder.
* Orbit awards no longer given from a plunge and from top lane exits.
+ Haunted Multiball.
* Rescue lock can be achieved from left orbit now.
+ Ball catches on top magnet after a successful hurry-build and Toto win.
* Score display disappearing fixed.
+ Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
+ RAINBOW lights now give some indication of being close to finishing Twister.
* Emerald City victory laps.
* Fixed Twister restarting.
+ Instruction text to all Munchkin mode starts.
+ Capture Dorothy fanfare.
+ Super-X scoring multiplier (multiplier based on # of ACTIVE playfields).
– This multiplies with Crystal Ball modes.
* Emerald City holds state now.
* Rescue Multiball holds RESCUE letters state.
+ HOADC fanfare.
+ Top magnet grab for successful top lane hurry-build shots.
* Fixed some never-ending TNPLH display issues.
* Suppress castle door popper sounds when not in-game.
* Changed HSTD formatting for higher scores.
+ Anti-deadlocking measures added for kickers.
* No more sounds during ball search for kickers.
* Force a lot of speech in ECMB.
* Rescue MB background now has useful information.
+ Rescue MB 2x and 3x jackpot award shows.
* Fixed TNPLH deadlock if you airballed onto Munchkinland.
* Ramp diverter now not held at 100% power. There is an adjustment added to
change the power if necessary.
* Fix status report after Melt the Witch.

=== Core Code

* Fixed start button SLOW restart functionality.
* Status report killed on Replay or Extra Ball.
* Fixed potential deadlock when locking a lost ball.
+ Error log display.
* Possible rendering crash fixed.
+ Flippers enabled in test mode.
* Prevent flippers being held when switched to no-hold mode.
+ Highlighting of coil locations on playfield image in test.
* Ball search handling cleaned up a bit.
+ Single Switch Test
* Wire color text added to switch matrix labels.
+ Playfield display added to Switch Matrix Test – start toggles, +/- move.”


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