Lord of the Rings – The Valinor Strategy

An in-depth look at the Valinor strategy on Lord of the Rings pinball.

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  1. MHS
    June 8, 2014 at 10:09 am

    Posted by Keefer on the original PAPA site:

    A great video and generally great ideas… A couple things I noticed.

    1. You must be playing with the coin door open, because the top saucer would only normally feed Orthanc in that case. It’s supposed to feed the top lanes, and most certainly would’ve learned how to kick it into there within 50 shots. 😉

    2. Ring Frenzies can give extra balls. On normal settings, getting a 3x jackpot (i.e. completing 2 shots) would light extra ball the first time, then you would need a 4x jackpot, then a 5x jackpot every time after that. There’s definitely some risk there, but if you’re going for extras, that’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. I don’t think SRFMB gives you any.

    3. I’ve never seen that DTR bug before (where the extra ball effect trumps destroying the ring). That is somewhat amusing and embarrassing.

    4. Sounds like someone mentioned Gollum turning off DTR to you already. Definitely a solid tip.

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