ReplayFX Update #2

An update has been posted to the ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival website that includes details on Pinburgh signups. Be sure to check it out here!

It’s been an exciting two months since our initial announcement. A sizable collection of participants, sponsors, vendors, and games have already been assembled, and we firmly believe the ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival is building into the marquee event for gamers in 2015.

For those who missed the initial announcement, The Replay Foundation, host of the largest pinball competitions in the world, is expanding to create an all-encompassing gaming convention July 30 – August 2, 2015 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The entire PAPA collection of games, currently standing at well over 500 pinball and arcade machines, will be expanded over the coming year and moved to the convention center for the festival. Add in some live music, entertainers, competitive tournaments with over $100,000 in prize money, console games, seminars, and industry booths showing off the latest and greatest, and you’re starting to get the idea.

During our initial announcement, we estimated we would be supplying 1,000 console titles to fill the dedicated console area. In the last two months…

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