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This rulesheet was submitted by Bob Smith.

Updated for v 1.19


After completing a main shot, one of the RED arrow inserts will light for a short time. Shoot that shot for a combo bonus.

Modes are definitely stackable with mulitiball, but not with each other. Lots of points when stacking.  Well walker multiball CAN be started during prison multiball but prison multiball CANNOT be started during well walker multiball.  However it does let you build progress towards your next prison multiball for everything excluding starting it.  Modes can also be started during multiball.

Drop Targets

Hit drops when Food, Weapons, First Aid is lit, and lock that Item for collection. Complete bank to collect that item.  Successive completions of each item score higher points. These can also be started during either multiball.

Food, weapons, and first aid will cycle.  When one of the drop targets is hit, it freezes the cycle on whichever was lit at the time and you complete the drops to collect one of the three.  This lights all available mode starts at the 5 main shots and the lights cycle once again at the drops.

Blood Bath

Collecting all 3 supply items mentioned above from the drop targets will prime Blood Bath. Shoot all 3 drops again to begin Blood Bath. All switches become worth 5,000 points. Subsequent Blood Baths are activated by additional sets of targets, the number of sets required increasing each time. Blood Bath is a two-ball multiball.  You can add-a-ball twice by completing the drop targets again prior to draining out of the MB.  Completely stackable (meaning: you can start other MB’s & modes during BB, and you can start BB during other MB’s & modes).  I believe that your 2nd time to qualify BB requires collecting all 3 supply items twice (after draining out of 1st BB).

Start a Location Mode

Collecting a supply item primes the location modes for selection. Start a mode by shooting that shot. Location modes so far seem to be similar. Keep shooting that shot to build up points (Also looks like each mode has a Highscore champion spot on the leaderboard.


Shoot Right ramp – It’s all about looping the Arena shot for huge points.  By “looping” I mean immediately shooting Arena again when it returns to your L flipper — if you miss, then you’re starting over at shot #1 value.  1st shot is around 1M. 2nd shot is 4.6M. 3rd shot is 9.2M.  There’s a vid out there of someone getting over 30M per R ramp shot on Arena.

Cool dots added.


Left loop.-  nothing’s changed on this mode, except cool dots added.  Based on the instructions when you start the mode, I anticipate this mode will be getting upgraded at some future rev. points?


Shoot Left Ramp – Mode states that you shoot CDC and lit Arrows to escape.Shoot CDC ramp to increase value and each shot adds an Arrow to another major shot.  You can then shoot those Arrows to collect the value you built up from CDC shots.  After shooting at least one Arrow, the CDC ramp is lit for repeated — and seemingly unlimited “collect” shots — whose value is derived from the original CDC build-up value and, I believe, based on how many Arrow shots you nailed before you returned to shooting the CDC ramp.  Huge points are possible.

Cool dots added. (← not a rule)


(Through the pops) Shoot any of the major shots other than Tunnel to collect double whatever the previous shot was worth, starting at 500K. Multipliers on individual shots and playfield doublers are included in the next shot’s value. Shoot the Tunnel at any time to cash in on your mode total and immediately ends the mode.  Once you hit a shot, it is no longer available, so you can’t just loop CDC or Arena ramps.


Shoot Riot to score Riot Jackpot. Hits on most other targets, pops, etc. increase Riot Jackpot amount. Several shots will start the Gas Mask Walker.

Well Walker

Hit the well walker to spell W-E-L-L to start well walker mode. Hit the well walker 6 times (each shot gives ~50k-75k points) to start Well Walker Multiball.  Every subsequent well walker multiball takes an additional 2 hits to start. The well walker has a super jackpot after a certain amount of hits but it is not of any reasonable value at this time.

During the Well Walker multiball, a countdown appears showing the number of switch hits needed for the next jackpot. After getting the counter to 0 a hit on the Well Walker collects the jackpot. Doing this 4 times completes the mode and collects the super jackpot. Jackpots are small, around 300k, the super jackpot a million or more. Subsequent Well Walker hits are worth 250k +2500 /shot.


Hit the prison to spell P-R-I-S-O-N – This begins the prison mode, doors open, all main shots light up. Shoot either the prison Walker or a lit Arrow shot to spell the P-R-I-S-O-N again. Completing this will start prison multiball. Hitting the two ‘stab’ standups on the prison will increase a multiplier for the next prison letter/kill to  advance to the multiball. E.g. if you hit both targets the dmd will say “next prison kill is 2x” so will be worth about 1 million instead of 500 thousand. If you complete the targets again without getting a letter it will be 3x and so on. Note the last shot to start the multiball must be a shot to the head inside the prison (this shot can also be multiplied with the targets).

During prison multiball, all 5 main shots are lit with red arrows.  Shoot one of these red arrows, all of the others will disappear and you must hit the head to relight the jackpots.  All of the jackpots will relight except the one you just hit.  Collect again and this time after you hit the head 4 more jackpots will light up except the one you just hit.  Do this 5 times (might be 6) and it lights the super jackpot. Collect the super jackpot at the Riot shot just to the left of the prison.

Doing well enough in Prison MB qualifies Siege mode.  Siege mode has been added. I won’t detail it here so it doesn’t spoil it for those that want to discover it for themselves.

Stab Targets

Each completion of both stab targets lights tower, and increases both the points awarded for hitting the tower, and the length of the x2 scoring.

Zombies (Walkers)

When a crosshair target is lit, shoot that shot to kill a walker. Every two walkers killed lights 2x at inlanes. Killing multiple zombies will prime Extra Ball (scales based on game performance. Mine started at 5, and is up to 8 now). Extra ball is lit at the Woodbury shot but in this code any ball being plunged triggers the extra ball switch. Some dudes were saying that each successive two walker kills increases the available shot multiplier by 1x.


When Woodbury is lit, shoot for a selectable skill shot. Choose the skillshot you want to go for, and hit it to collect.  Woodbury is lit by hitting three right ramp shots or possibly when the fish tank is lit which is also the right ramp. Completing 2 woodbury’s will start a Multi-Kill

Initial Skillshot

Time plunge so that when ball rolls over the stars and hits the tower when they are flashing. This primes the points. Collect them by selecting the correct rollover when the ball comes down. The points are collected at 1x if you go through the unlit lane and collected at 2x if you go through the lit lane. Highest I’ve seen so far is 1.6 million. Note that the speed of the scrolling inserts increases with each ball played. (isn’t a successful skill shot’s point value added to the next successful skill shot’s value?) The future ball start skillshots definitely increase in value, but not sure what that increase is based on. Maybe a glass off verification is in order?


Complete a location mode with a minimum score (3 location shots I think). On your next main shot, a random weapon Multikill will start.  When multikill is active, score by shooting the lit YELLOW inserts. Multiple location completions will earn multiple multikill weapons, however the scoring seems tied only to the most recently earned weapon. the closer 2 weapon multikill shots are awarded, time wise, the higher the score. i.e. Back to back shots will score much higher than the same 2 shots 10 seconds apart.

Looks like a repeated Supply drop completion following activation of the previous one may also start a multikill

Looks like completing the Well or Prison pre-multiball sequences can also start a multikill. This one may need to be started and finished on 1 ball to work.

Inlane switches

If you roll over the lit inlane, your next shot will score 2x points. Switch the lit lane with the flipper buttons.  One of the two 2x inlane switches will be lit after two zombies have been killed.  This is factory settings and can be changed.

EDIT:  It may only take one walker crosshair kill to light 2x, but the shot cannot already be doubled for it to relight the 2x at the inlane.  Either way if you’re making shots, you will have more than enough chances to light 2x.

Rollover Lanes at top

Light Both to add to bonus, and build up the “Bit” bonus. If you go out over a lit Bit outlane, you score the added Bit bonus points.

Bonus Points

Base bonus is somehow based on the number of Zombies killed, times 15,000, times the Bonus multiplier. Killing lots of zombies is a good idea! Total zombie kills are cumulative through the game. Does  not reset at each ball.

2x playfield (Tower shot):

Hit standups on either side of the prison to light the tower standup in the back of the playfield.  Shoot the riot shot to the left of the prison all the way around to the tower target to start 2x scoring for 30 seconds.  An additional 10 seconds can be added to the double playfield mode BEFORE YOU START IT by completing the standups a second time. Additionally, the tower shot scores more points for each pair of Stab Targets hit prior to hitting the Tower.

A certain number of Tower shots when lit will light Extra Ball


2 way combos start at a base value of 250,000 and go up by 25,000 every additional combo. This value carries over from ball to ball.

Pop bumper jackpot

After a certain number of pop bumpers can be hit, a pop bumper jackpot is lit at the right orbit through the pop bumper “Borg Shot.”  This starts at 1 million and goes up by 250k every subsequent collect. Shooting the barn will add additional points to this jackpot prior to collection.

Bicycle girl

Zombie kills now light bicycle girl on the left ramp.  5 kills to light the first time, then every 20 kills (default). This starts a countdown score opportunity. Completing Bicycle girl will start a multikill.


Prime Crossbow by collecting “Weapons” from the supply drop targets. Shoot crossbow targets for ? points


Complete all multi-kill features to play the horde mode (maybe wizard) (might not be in the code yet)

1.19 update: still not implemented, although it seemed that when Horde started, the Barn shot white insert was flashing. But shooting it did nothing.

Walking Dead

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