TiltCycle Pinball Art




Pittsburgh, PA, October 18, 2015– Tiltcycle artist, Dan Burfield designed an Atari Pinball themed newspaper box to reside downtown. Voting for grand prize starts October 14th.


The annual Pittsburgh City Paper ArtBox contest calls for local artists to submit an original themed design for a newspaper box. The 10 finalists will then be chosen via online voting. Voting runs October 14, 2015 to November 20, 2015 and can be found at coinball.com


“The newspaper box will reside at Wood St & 6th St by the Wood St Galleries, “ added Dan Burfield. “This is a great location in downtown Pittsburgh in the heart of the cultural district.” “I absolutely love the color scheme Atari used in almost all the pinball machines they designed. The design style is 80’s modern with all these parallel lines. All this reminds me of growing up in the 80’s and I remember some friends had an incredible basement game room which was all white walls with these continuing 4 bands of color that spanned the walls ending in graphics of people jogging. I’d give anything to see that again,” Said Dan Burfield of his work. “I hope it transports someone back to when they were young and the mysteries of electronics and video games and pinball were magical.”


Tiltcycle repurposes pinball and classic arcade parts into clocks, furniture, night lights, jewelry, and more. Most items are upcycled from antiques and found items.


If you would like more information, please visit www.tiltcycle.com or email at dan@tiltcycle.com.