PAPA 19 Review in Pinball News

Professional & Amateur Pinball Assocation

For the first three years, the Circuit took the top 20 players, who then played an extended 4-player stepladder elimination match where the loser of each game was eliminated and the next higher player then added for the subsequent game.

This year, the Circuit took the top 40 players and broke them into groups of four. These 10 groups then played four games, using PAPA-point scoring, with the top two from each group moving on to round two. Those 20 people were assigned to five groups and then played another four games in groups of four, again with the top two from each group moving on. Each of the first two rounds had one tiebreaker, with Andrei Massenkoff besting Andy Rosa to survive round one, and Robert Gagno taking out Brian Dye in round two.

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