The last day for refunds of any kind, either Pinburgh or ReplayFX, is July 21st. No refunds or ReplayFX general admission ticket transfers will be issued after this point for any reason. If you cannot attend and need to request a refund, you can do so by contacting by July 21st.

The Pinburgh pinball tournament, which is taking place inside of ReplayFX, has 800 tournament openings. All 800 spots are currently filled, and there are 250 people on the waitlist. With so many people having signed up for this tournament, it is common to have some competitors forget to cancel and also not show up on Thursday morning when the tournament begins. To fill these empty spots, the following procedure will be followed:

  • 1. All Pinburgh tournament players will be considered “checked in” to Pinburgh when they pick up their ReplayFX wristbands at either the convention center will call booth on Thursday morning, or one of the other locations that will be confirmed and announced over the coming few days. All players must check-in prior to 9:30am Thursday morning. Any player who has not checked in by 9:30am exactly on Thursday morning will be considered an absent player, and their spot in the tournament will be forfeited to someone on the waitlist.
  • 2. All players who currently do not have a spot reserved in the Pinburgh tournament but who are hoping to fill one of the empty no-show spots must sign up for the waitlist by 9:30am on Thursday, July 27th. These players must also be physically present at ReplayFX Thursday morning and notify the Pinburgh desk in Hall B of the following: 1. that they are on the official waitlist, and 2. that they are present and willing to participate in Pinburgh.
  • 3. At exactly 9:31am, the amount of no-show players will be calculated, and the empty no-show spots will be filled in the order of the waitlist.
  • 4. Any players filling a no-show spot will then be asked to purchase their official Pinburgh reservation and report to their Round 1 group before the tournament begins.