The EMcyclopedia!

The EMcyclopedia is a player’s guide to older Electro-Mechanical pinball machines. It provides information on playfield components, scoring strategies, shot selection, nudging suggestions, machine settings and more for over 150 different machine titles having over 110 different game-play designs. It includes a discussion of skill techniques applicable to these games, both in general and as applied to specific machines. It covers possible adjustments to game play that may be required due to the machine’s age. Suggested skill shot choices for the initial plunge are provided in most cases. Alternate scoring strategies, or situations in one’s progress on a game when the strategy should change, are provided in many cases.

The guide is organized with introductory sections discussing the features and techniques common to many games, followed by an alphabetical listing of the machines with suggested ways to play each of them. Individual guide sections can be clicked on to go to a specific topic of interest, and the notes on any specific machine can also be linked to directly for fast reference.

The primary purpose of the guide is to enable people to play these games with enough knowledge about them to enjoy the games and to do reasonably well scoring on them. It generally assumes that the games are being played in a league or tournament situation, where extra balls and free games are usually turned off.

~Bob Matthews

The EMcyclopedia