PAPA Headquarters is located at:
100 Keystone Drive • Carnegie, PA 15106

History & Mission

Our Mission:

The Replay Foundation’s mission is to create and promote the world’s greatest pinball tournaments, encourage friendly, casual competition, and spread enthusiasm for pinball through a variety of new and ongoing projects. Toward that end, we have created the PAPA Tournament Circuit, built two world-class annual tournaments, regularly broadcast instructional videos, and have created an all-encompassing gaming festival known as ReplayFX to help promote the game and its surrounding community. Our hope is that players will continue to use these resources and become more interested in this wonderful game.

PAPA Headquarters at night.Non-Profit Transition:
In December 2012, the entire collection of pinball machines and other arcade games housed at PAPA Headquarters were donated to the Replay Foundation, which will continue to operate the machines and related tournaments under the brand name PAPA. The Replay Foundation also manages ReplayFX, a combined pinball and video-game festival far exceeding the scope of any previous PAPA or Replay Foundation effort. We are proud to report the current PAPA brand name and Replay Foundation organization have never had more influence, utilized more games, or offered players more pinball resources than at this moment.

The Professional & Amateur Pinball Association was founded in the mid 1980’s by Roger Sharpe and Steve Epstein at Steve’s world-famous Broadway Arcade in New York City. Steve and Roger ran six world championship tournaments, with the last one being held in Las Vegas, before retiring and passing the reins to current president, Kevin Martin.

In Steve’s own words: The beginning of what was to become PAPA began in the late 1970’s when Roger Sharpe along with a third player Lionel Martinez started keeping track of our competition together. We logged over 10,000 sets of games over a four/five year period. From that data we developed the league scoring system used in the first PAPA league play around 1985/1986. This lead to the tournaments in the early 1990’s. I guess meeting Roger at the Arcade in 1975 and starting to play together on a daily basis not only led to a great and lasting friendship, but to the world of competitive pinball.

After a six year hiatus, Kevin Martin took over the PAPA organization in 2004 and began construction of the current World Headquarters facility detailed below in Scott Township, Pennsylvania.

On September 17, 2004, shortly after the PAPA 7 World Pinball Championships, the facility was devastated by a major flood. All of the pinball machines were destroyed, along with many of the built-in improvements, bathrooms, carpeting, and more. After enduring this setback, PAPA quickly rebuilt the facility and collection of pinball machines in time for the following year’s World Championships.

The current PAPA Headquarters is a 30,000 square foot warehouse teeming with games and activity. For even more history, take a look at the Flipside Archives currently maintained by the Replay Foundation!

Features of PAPA Headquarters:

  • Over 30,000 square feet dedicated to pinball
  • More than 500 pinball machines for tournament play and practice
  • Specialty video games such as Tattoo Assassins and Pump It Up
  • Projection screens and kiosks for reviewing game coverage and standings
  • A broadcast booth offering live tournament coverage
  • Fifteen television screens showing live tournament coverage
  • Restroom and vending facilities
  • Catering on-site during tournament events
  • Limited on-site parking
  • Easy access to I-79, I-279, and nearby hotels

PAPA Headquarters is open to the public only for pinball tournaments and special events.


100 Keystone Drive • Carnegie, PA 15106
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Whether you’re visiting from just down the road or five-thousand miles away, the Replay Foundation thanks you for your effort. If you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

PAPA World Headquarters is a standalone facility in Scott Township, Pennsylvania, just west of Pittsburgh.  I-279 and I-79 are nearby, and adjacent exits have a number of top-notch hotels. Please keep in mind that our festival, ReplayFX, and its associated pinball tournament, Pinburgh, have outgrown our Carnegie headquarters and now take place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh.

Hotel NameAddressTelephoneDistanceAirport Shuttle?
*Discounted Rate*
Marriott Courtyard Settler's Ridge
5100 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15205412-788-44045 MilesYes
Hyatt Place Pittsburgh Airport6011 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205412-494-02026 MilesYes
Extended Stay America520 N. Bell Ave, Carnegie PA 15106412-278-40011 MileNo
DoubleTree by Hilton, Green Tree500 Mansfield Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15205412-922-84002 MilesYes


Kevin Martin:
In 2004, Kevin revitalized the PAPA organization by purchasing the rights to the brand, its associated World Championships title, and by running the first World Championships tournament after a six year period of darkness for competitive pinball. When the decision to rebuild PAPA was made, Kevin physically carried all 450+ pinball machines on his back from Chicago to PAPA Headquarters in Scott Township, and then achieved the wizard mode on each of them using nothing but psychic powers.

After carrying the load at PAPA for several years, Kevin now oversees all aspects of the organization from his home in South Carolina. In recent news, Kevin has arranged for PAPA to be absorbed by the Replay Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving pinball and enhancing its stature in the public eye. The transfer of PAPA’s name and resources to the Replay Foundation means PAPA will immediately become more self-sustainable and, ideally, outlast us all.

Mark Steinman:
Mark is the wild-eyed, creative force pushing PAPA into places it’s never gone (and sometimes shouldn’t go). He’s held a Director of Operations role for the past several years and has been an integral part in creating several of the largest pinball tournaments in history.

Mark is the Director of ReplayFX, films and edits all of the pinball videos PAPA produces, designed the livestreaming booth and mobile system PAPA uses to broadcast Circuit tournaments, and frequently travels the United States in search of different ways to keep pushing pinball forward as a game and industry. There is little that occurs within PAPA that Mark does not have a hand in.

Elizabeth Cromwell:
There’s truth in the saying: A strong woman stands behind all strong men, but the embarrassing truth in our circumstance is that all of the men at PAPA are relatively weak, and Elizabeth is the woman who keeps us from falling apart at the seams and making horrible decisions.

Beyond her work as the greatest sounding-board, confidant, and advisor in history, Elizabeth one of the Assistant Directors at ReplayFX, manages the front desk during our tournaments, manages the online PAPA store, manages the scorekeepers and volunteers, and manages to stay sane even when the rest of us create problems for her because we can’t solve our own issues. Elizabeth is the glue holding all of the eccentric pieces of PAPA together.

Doug Polka:
Doug was never really hired by PAPA. He just kind of kept showing up at the facility, and one morning we found him sleeping in the dumpster and let him inside.

Actually, no, that’s not true… Doug is a consummate professional, a Tournament Director at all PAPA tournaments, helps run several Circuit events each year, and manages all of PAPA’s route games

Doug also has been an integral piece of the local pinball scene, helping run the Pittsburgh Pinball League for a number of years alongside several other frequent PAPA volunteers. Doug also oversees a non-PAPA tournament, the Pittsburgh Pinball Open, and helps Mark & Elizabeth with a variety of different projects.

Steve Eckert:
Steve is PAPA’s primary game technician. He’s a magician with the soldering iron. Legend has it on one early afternoon, Steve rode a white clydesdale directly into PAPA HQ, diagnosed three rectifier problems, found a broken diode, and cleared a token jam while eating a ham sandwich on his ten minute lunch break.  He then declared victory over the land of pinball before riding off into the sunset, casting his cape to the side, and flew into the sky like a lightning bolt, never to be seen again until the next day’s 9-5 shift.


The PAPA organization relies heavily on generous contributions from pinball fans around the globe. Below is a list of several people within the community who have made noteworthy contributions. If you have an idea or are interested in helping with a project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to explore new opportunities for the growth of the game.

A great many people have contributed to PAPA over the years, and it is inevitable we will have missed a name on this list.  If you have contributed in similar ways to others listed below but aren’t mentioned, please contact us!

Aaron NelsonCircuit Event Director
Adam LefkoffCircuit Event Director; Major Broadcast Contributor; Industry Consultant; Rules Consultant; Ice Cream Sandwich Supplier
Alex BayerCircuit Event Director
Anastasia SteinmanHelped Design Broadcast System; Photographer; Media Consultant; General Consultant; PAPAtv Producer; ReplayFX Department Head
Bowen KerinsPinburgh Director; Tutorial Videos; Industry Consultant; Rules Consultant; Volunteer for Multiple Projects at HQ; Major Broadcast Contributor; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Brett BerkmanVolunteer for multiple projects at HQ; Tournament Technician; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Brian BroylesCircuit Event Director
Brian DyeMajor Contributor to PAPAtv LIVE; General Consultant
Brian HoldermanArtist
Brian TeyssierMajor Contributor to PAPAtv Live; ReplayFX Department Head
Brooke ArcherVolunteer for Multiple Projects at PAPA HQ
Cayle GeorgeRules Consultant; Circuit Event Director; Major Broadcast Contributor
Chase NunesCreated Inaugural Live Broadcast at HQ
Colin HornerCircuit Event Director
Cryss StephensPhotographer; Major Contributor to PAPAtv Live
Donny WhiteCircuit Event Director
Eden StammCircuit Event Director; Major Broadcast Contributor
Emmanuel MarchandCreated Multiple Language Subtitles for Several Youtube Tutorials
Fred CochranVolunteer for multiple projects at HQ; Road Technician for Numerous Circuit Events; Multiple Gameplay Videos; Assistant Director for ReplayFX
Greg DunlapMajor Broadcast Contributor; PAPA Circuit Tournament Director
Inspired BronzeCreated PAPA World Championships Trophy
Jim BelsitoCircuit Event Director
Joe & Julie SchoberMajor Broadcast Contributor; Rules Consultant; Web Project Consultant; Industry Consultant; Major Contributor to ReplayFX Alternate Reality Game; Created ReplayFX Badge System
Joe SaidIndustry Consultant; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Joe ScalettaVolunteer for Multiple Projects at HQ; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Jon ChadArtist
Jon EhrlichCircuit Event Director
Jon ReplogleHelped Install PAPA Broadcast System; Built PAPA Broadcast Booth; Volunteer for countless projects at HQ; PAPAtv Consultant & Producer; Major Broadcast Contributor; Industry Consultant; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Jorian EngelbrektssonSignificant Game Notes Contributor
Josh & Zach SharpeIndustry Consultant; Rules Consultant; Major Broadcast Contributor; Circuit Event Director
Josh GockelReplayFX Department Head
Justin BrooksVolunteer for multiple projects at HQ; Tournament Technician; Route Technician; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Karl DeAngeloCreated PAPA Tournament Software; Circuit Event Director
Keith & Randy ElwinCreated Pinball 101 & 102; Industry Consultant; Technical Advice; Rules Consultant; Video Consultant; Created Tournament Camera Rig; Multiple Tutorial Videos
Keith JohnsonMajor Broadcast Contributor; Industry Consultant
Kevin CarrollCircuit Event Director
Kevin StonePAPA Circuit Tournament Director; Website Contributor;
Kickstarter BackersHelped Fund PAPAtv and Years of Future Event Broadcasts
Lyman SheatsIndustry Consultant; Rules Consultant
Mark BusslerIndustry Consultant; Produces Classic Gameroom PAPA series of videos
Mark SalasMultiple Gameplay Videos
Michael BudaiArtist
Molly AtkinsonTournament Technician; Industry Consultant
Nick JaquayVolunteer for Multiple Projects at HQ; Multiple Gameplay Videos
Noah DavisSignificant Game Notes Contributor
Paul McGloneCircuit Event Director
Per SchwarzenbergerCircuit Event Director; Website Contributor; Rules Consultant
Pete HendricksVolunteer for Multiple Projects at HQ; Supplies outstanding hats for critical ongoing hat efforts
Rich VarioTournament Technician
Roger SharpeFounder of PAPA
Ron HallettMultiple Gameplay Videos
Ryan ClaytorArtist
Sean McCauleyArtist
Steve BaumgartenEarly steward of the PAPA organization
Steve BowdenMajor Broadcast Contributor;
Steve EpsteinFounder of PAPA
Steve ZumoffIntegral in Rebuilding the PAPA Brand; Helped Revitalize Pinball in Pittsburgh; Former PAPA Tournament Director; General Consultant
Ted GarnerTechnician; Industry Consultant
Todd MacCullochMajor Broadcast Contributor
Trent AugensteinPAPA Circuit Tournament Director; Offers Technical Advice; Sales Consultant; Played in Gameplay Videos
Virginia HendricksVolunteer for Multiple Projects at HQ; Department Assistant at ReplayFX


Help Support Replay!

In 2012, we established Replay Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Replay Foundation promotes the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of pinball technology, with an emphasis on the player experience. In 2012, the collection of 450+ pinball machines used to operate tournaments at PAPA World Headquarters were donated to Replay Foundation. In 2013, the building itself was donated, as well as all assets and operations of PAPA. Replay Foundation now operates all of PAPA’s activities, including the tournaments and outreach efforts such as the PAPA Circuit and PAPA TV.

Replay Foundation was created in order to become independent of the support of any one person. If you enjoy anything that we do, whether it’s our massive tournaments, the tutorials and gameplay videos, the PAPA Circuit, or PAPA TV’s live event coverage, please consider donating to Replay Foundation. Your support means a lot to us.

All donations from the public are welcome, whether cash, pinball machines, collectibles, or parts. If you are interested in donating any of these items in lieu of cash, we may be able to help with shipping costs. Although we raise money primarily through private donations and operating public events, we are working to build up revenue, and we always welcome further support.

As Replay Foundation is a registered non-profit, your donations may qualify for a tax deduction. Please consult a tax attorney.

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