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2014-15 PAPA Pinball Tournament Circuit

The purpose of the PAPA Circuit is to raise the awareness of competitive pinball by showcasing high-level tournaments and associated events. PAPA believes by supporting the highest caliber of events and helping share information between them, we will create a positive working environment wherein all events improve and newcomers will feel safe in spending the time and money necessary to attend. Where one succeeds, others can learn from those successes and improve.



The annual PAPA Circuit schedule is determined solely by tournament directors and competitors. Directors whose tournaments meet a list of established criteria, and who submit their tournaments for inclusion, will have their events added to the list of potential candidates. During January of each year, any player who has competed in a Circuit event during the previous season is eligible to vote on the events listed. The top twenty events, as determined by the votes, will be added to the PAPA Circuit schedule for the following year. Tournament directors who would like to be included on the PAPA Circuit schedule are encouraged to run good events and engage their players in a positive way.

Several PAPA Circuit events are broadcast live on PAPAtv! Tune in for our next event!

Circuit Standings:

PAPA Circuit BeltEach Circuit event is worth the same number of points toward our annual PAPA Circuit Standings, and all players are eligible to compete. Each player’s ten best results during the Circuit season contribute to their final point total.

At the end of the PAPA Circuit season, the top forty ranked players will be invited to compete in the Circuit Final tournament the day before the PAPA World Championships.

The PAPA Circuit Final is an invitation-only, no-entry-fee-required event where all contestants who qualify win prize money. The Circuit Final is a unique competitive event that pits each season’s best performers against one another in a last-man-standing tournament format.

Players who place in the top 24 at any of the Circuit events will be awarded points toward the overall standings, as described below. Each player’s ten best results contribute points to their total for ranking purposes.

Rank Points
1st 100
2nd 75
3rd 60
4th 50
5th 45
6th 40
7th 35
8th 30
Rank Points
9th 28
10th 26
11th 24
12th 22
13th 20
14th 18
15th 16
16th 14
Rank Points
17th 12
18th 11
19th 10
20th 9
21st 8
22nd 7
23rd 6
24th 5

Circuit Final:

At the end of the PAPA Circuit season, the top forty ranked players are invited to compete in the Circuit Final. Twelve machines will be made available for the duration of the tournament.

In the first round, all players will be grouped by seed into ten groups of four players. Each group of four players will compete on four different machines, with the highest seeded player given the choice of choosing the game to be played or determining order of play. At the end of the four-game round, two players will advance out of each group into the second round, which will function similarly to the first.

At the start of the third round, the remaining ten players will be placed in a ladder-style bracket based on their original seeds. The bottom four players will compete in a single game, with the lowest scoring player being removed from the contest and replaced by the next highest seed. When only two players remain, they will compete in a best two-games-out-of-three series to determine the Circuit Champion and decide who takes home the PAPA Circuit Belt!

Schedule & Champions

TournamentDate Winner  
2014-15 PAPA Circuit Final201503/11/16Jorian EngelbrektssonPA2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Louisville Arcade Expo201503/08/16Keith ElwinKY2014-15 PAPA Circuit
INDISC201501/25/16Karl DeAngeloCA2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Free-Play Florida201411/23/16Trent 08-ensteinFL2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Pinball Expo201410/19/16Jorian EngelbrektssonIL2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Fraser Valley Flipout201409/28/16Dave StewartBC, Canada2014-15 PAPA Circuit
PAPA 17 World Championships – Division A201408/17/16Cayle GeorgePA2014-15 PAPA Circuit
California Extreme201407/13/16Bowen KerinsCA2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo201406/22/16Adam LefkoffGA2014-15 PAPA Circuit
NW Pinball Championships201406/15/16Keith ElwinWA2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Lyons Spring Classic201405/18/16Jorian EngelbrektssonCO2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Michigan Pinball Expo201404/06/16John FlittonMI2014-15 PAPA Circuit
Pinburgh 2014 - Division A201403/30/16Jim BelsitoPA2014-15 PAPA Circuit


#NamePointsPinburghMichiganLyonsNorthwestFriedCAXPAPA 17FraserExpoFree-PlayINDISCLouisville
1Keith Elwin359389100753016100
2Jorian Engelbrektsson355456010010050
3Zach Sharpe3437525506025386060
4Trent Augenstein326117511751004520
5Robert Gagno252605040226020
6Dave Stewart2341438710075
7Adam Lefkoff20891007524
8Jason Werdrick198267525222426
9Jim Belsito1951002272640
10Josh Sharpe19333752560
11Cayle George1927510017
12Raymond Davidson17960602633
13Bob Matthews173283335209243320
Karl DeAngelo17364522100
15Andy Rosa167202522174538
16Steven Bowden14424436017
17Roy Wils1381535261745
18Joshua Henderson131385043
19Escher Lefkoff1223845930
20Damien Charlety11675101588
21Eden Stamm111283845
22John Flitton11010100
23Daniele Acciari1083375
John Kremmer10820225016
25Andrei Massenkoff106502828
26Donavan Stepp101860924
27Cryss Stephens7720171030
28Angelo Muro7575
29Kevin Birrell712581028
Joe Geneau71104318
31Lyman Sheats68282812
32Chris Tabaka662838
33Derek Fugate65229121111
34Andrew Rosa II6453326
Brian Shepherd642638
36Nick Zendejas632538
37Brian Dye60201426
38Chris Warren59509
Johnny Modica59261716
40Chris Basler57281712
41Adam Becker558407
42Art Dodd54459
Dave Hegge54459
44Jon Replogle5122920
45Aaron Grabowski5050
Brian Dominy5050
Sean Grant5050
Tim Hansen5050
Will McKinney5050
50Jordan Hudson471235
51Bobby Conover4545
52Todd Rafacz443014
53Jorgen Holm4343
Olli-Mikko Ojamies431726
55Dan Coyle402020
Daniel Skolovy4040
57Robert Sutter3838
58David Riel3720125
Timothy Street37307
60Matt Cohn312011
61Hal Erickson3030
Jody Reilhan3030
Salem Ayoob3030
64Jochen Ludwig29209
Keith Johnson291514
66Jeff Palmer2828
67Drew Cedolia271215
68Alex Harmon261115
Derek Thomson2626
Sanjay Shah261016
71Brandon Tibbetts2525
Fred Richardson2525
Mats Runsten2525
74Dean Grover24177
Jack Tadman2424
Pete Hendricks2424
77Noah Davis2121
78Nicholas Polimenalcos2020
79Alex Samonte1818
Paul Madison1899
Svante Ericsson1818
82Dave Mercier1717
Trevor McDonald1717
Walt Wood1717
85Shawn Haley1616
Todd Seaver1616
87Adam McKinnie1515
Michael Trepp1515
Walter Hurwitz1515
90Chris Compton1495
Joseph Salender1414
92Blake Hurdle1212
Germain Mariolle1212
Phil Harmon1212
Tim Moyers1212
96Alexander Smith1111
Atticus Palmer1111
Chris Heilig1111
Pat Norton1111
Todd MacCulloch1111
Tony Pierce1111
102Peter Franck1010
Roy Hutchinson1010
104Adam Keisler99
Ben Patrick99
Carlos Porta99
Chad Bruhaug99
Francesco La Rocca99
Joe Said99
Jonas Johansson99
Patrick Carlson99
Per Schwarzenberger99
Rod Lawrence99
Scott August99
Zac Wollons99
116Blaze Morgan Denoon88
James Lawrence88
John McAllister88
Jonathan Drew88
Rob Cross88
121Billy Brown77
Brian Teyssier77
Colin MacAlpine77
Jasmijn de Jong77
Ray Smith77
Sebastian Bobbio77
Terry Groves77
Warren McCulloch77
129Bryan Hudgens66
Danny Cabral66
Dave Ponce66
Jason Mawson66
Joey Springer66
Mark Schulz66
Michael Tibbetts66
Rosie Mondragon66
137Chad Hyatt55
Erin Harting55
James Squires55
Marcel Rivard55
Mark Pearson55


Tournament Circuit: Official Rules

I. Introduction

The Tournament Circuit is a series of pinball tournaments promoted by the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association. This document specifies the official operating rules and regulations of the Circuit. The Circuit coordinators are Doug Polka, Mark Steinman, and Kevin Martin.

II. Circuit Events

Players who place in the top 40 at any of the Circuit events will be awarded points for the Circuit standings, as described below.

III. Points and Rankings

Each Circuit event will produce results indicating its top 40 players. Points are then awarded to each player based on those results, as follows:

Major Circuit Event
5th7515th4025th-40th20 Then Decrease by 1
Circuit Event

In the event of a tie, which may occur when an event does not clearly distinguish each of the top 40 positions, the points available to the tied players will be averaged, and any fractional point will be rounded up to the next whole point, for each tied player.

Only the best ten results of each player will be credited to his or her total for the Circuit standings.

IV. Circuit Final

The Circuit Final event is operated as a PAPA event, and therefore the latest version of the PAPA World Pinball Championships rules apply, in terms of handling malfunctions, player behavior, official rulings, and all other guidelines. The Circuit coordinators are the designated tournament officials for the Circuit Final.

The Circuit Final will feature a group of pinball machines selected by officials. Machines outside this group may not be selected for play. Officials may make machine substitutions as they deem necessary.

1. Qualified Players

Final Circuit standings will be determined promptly after the last Circuit event. Any player in the top 40 of the rankings will be invited to the Circuit Final. The tiebreaker for the 40th position will be determined by whichever player has the highest finish in a Circuit event in that season. If a tie remains after a single event, the next highest finish will be considered. This process will proceed until the tie is broken, or a coin flip is required.

Qualified players will be notified promptly by Circuit coordinators. If a player cannot attend, their opening will be filled by the next highest seeded available player who has participated in the Circuit. Players who do not attend will not receive any prize from the Circuit Final.

2. Rounds One and Two

All players will be grouped by seed into ten groups of four players. Each group of four players will compete on four different machines, with the highest seeded player given the choice of choosing the game to be played or determining order of play. At the end of the four-game round, two players will advance out of each group into the second round, which will function similarly to the first.

Both of these rounds will function as if they were the final rounds of the PAPA World Championships, with the only differences being the number of four-player groups competing and the use of four games per round in the Circuit Final instead of the typical three used in the PAPA World Championships. Scoring will be traditional PAPA-style 4-2-1-0.

3. Ladder-Bracket

Round 3 consists of a series of four-player games. The first game is played by the four lowest-seeded players. The highest-seeded player has choice of machine or order of play. Choice proceeds through the remaining players in descending order of seeding.

The player who has the lowest score is eliminated from the Final, and receives the appropriate prize. The next lowest-seeded player, who has not yet played, is added to the group for the next game.

In each subsequent match, the highest-seeded player (who will be the player who just joined the group) has choice of machine or order of play. The next choice is given to the winner of the previous game, and choice proceeds in descending order of score on the previous game.

No player may choose the same machine more than once, but any player may choose a machine already played, including the most recent machine played. Officials may remove any machine from consideration at any time.

Players will compete until two players remain. At that point, a best-of-three match between the final two players will take place to determine the champion. The highest seeded player has the choice of machine or order of play for the first game. From that point forward, the loser of the previous game has the choice of machine or order of play.

4. Operational Details

Each player participating in the Circuit Final must provide a cellular phone number where they can be reached. Exact times for each round are not guaranteed. Any player who is missing when his or her round is set to begin will be allowed no more than 5 minutes to appear. Play will then continue, with balls being plunged for any missing player or players.

Collusion and deals are not acceptable in the Circuit Final.

5. Prizes

The Circuit Final features a guaranteed package of monetary prizes.

Prize Money   

The winner of the Circuit Final will also receive the title “PAPA Circuit Player of the Year”.

Appropriate IRS regulations for tax reporting will be followed. In the event the winner is not a U.S. Citizen, we will provide the appropriate forms.

V. Criteria for Eligibility

1. Tournament must have already been held for a minimum of three years prior to applying. Exceptions may be considered if a PAPA representative attends and takes a greater role in overseeing the event in the first year.

2. Must collect e-mail addresses of tournament players to be used in a survey that will gather opinions on your event. All information gathered from these surveys will be shared with the relevant tournament director in order to help improve the event in future years.

3. Tournament must have a running 3 year average of 30 players or greater in the highest division.

4. No age-restricted or private locations without a PAPA representatives approval. The tournament must not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, political preference, or religion.

5. The location must have secondary offerings. A second or third competitive opportunity for each player outside of the main division, or an attached convention or festival is preferred.

6. Must use PAPA’s rules to determine stuck balls and malfunctions. Please note for 2015-16, PAPA and IFPA have coordinated and both handle these situations with an identical ruleset.

7. Must be willing to cross-promote all other events on the PAPA Circuit by hanging flyers and linking to the Circuit calendar on relevant websites and promotional posts.

8. Must have a workable scorekeeping calendar no closer than one week to the start of the event.

9. Must have enough technicians, parts, tools, and a game replacement plan available to deal with problems that arise on the tournament machines. At least one designated technician capable of handling minor problems must be available at all times in addition to the overall tournament director.

10. Circuit Fee – During the first 5 years, the non-profit Replay Foundation funded the PAPA Tournament Circuit and all related Circuit activities in excess of $100,000. For the 2017-2018 PAPA Circuit, we are instituting a $5 fee per player at each event. It is up to each event how they collect this fee. For example, an event could place a $5 registration fee per entrant, or take it out of the overall prize pool. 100% of the money collected will go towards PAPA Circuit promotion, Circuit Final prize pool, as well as providing some prizes for each event.

11. If your event does not meet all of the requirements above, you may still be considered for Circuit inclusion if there are no Circuit events within 100 miles of your event. Events submitted under this restriction will each be reviewed by PAPA staff and if approval is given the event will be added to the voting process.

As a part of the PAPA Circuit, tournaments will receive the following:

1. Access to a PAPA representative who will answer questions on game choice, game setup, format, and any other issues where a collective knowledge gained from attending multiple high-level tournaments may prove useful.

2. PAPA will mail banners to all circuit events for display. These banners will let people know that the event is a PAPA Circuit event and will also serve as advertisement and schedule for all other circuit events.

3. A description of your event on the PAPA website and Circuit calendar.

4. Front page promotion on leading up to your event.

5. PAPA will create and manage a survey with you to help you gather more information about your attendees and your event.

6. Free 1/4 page promotion in the ReplayFX Arcade & Gaming Festival program.

7. Each event will receive a package before their events with some PAPA Swag that can be used at the event as giveaways or prizes.

8. The Replay Foundation / PAPA will be creating a unique medal for each event during the Circuit season to be awarded to the winner of each event. These medals will be mailed to tournament directors prior to each event.

VI. Tournament Selection Details & Tournament Classifications

The PAPA Tournament Circuit will consist of 20 pinball tournaments. All tournaments throughout the world are eligible to participate if they qualify based on the criteria listed in section V. Tournaments will be separated into 2 categories each season, with 8 events being designated as “Major Circuit Events” and the remaining 12 events being designated as “Circuit Events”. Events designated as Majors will receive a 50% bonus in the total number of points awarded to players.

The 8 events with the highest rated survey results from the previous season and who also have an IFPA player count of 70 will become majors (the median player count for 2016 was 77.5). If there are not 8 events that meet these qualifications, then the next highest player count event in the top 15 will become a Major Circuit Event, guaranteeing the schedule will include 8 Major Circuit Events and 12 Circuit Events each season. This system was specifically generated with the intent of allowing tournaments to move between the Major Circuit Event and Circuit Event designation frequently.

The top 15 events with the highest-rated survey results will remain on the Circuit schedule the following season. The 5 events with the lowest-rated survey results will be entered into the voting process alongside any new events that have applied to join the Circuit. No tournament is automatically removed based solely on survey results, as any tournament that is removed from the Circuit schedule must be voted out by the players themselves during the annual voting process.

VII. Circuit Notes

One common misconception in early years of the Circuit is that PAPA representatives would run all of the events on the calendar. While this has happened under certain circumstances, it is by no means the standard and should not be the expectation. PAPA will not “take over” events or force them to conform to PAPA’s own formats. PAPA also has no desire to supersede the authority of local tournament directors. Our purpose is to provide guidance and advice on relevant topics, occasionally provide equipment upon special request, and to help promote.

Tournament directors are free to use their discretion as to what formats or strategies will best grow pinball in their areas, and ultimately whether an event succeeds or fails will be based upon their decisions, not PAPA’s involvement. PAPA believes that local tournament directors know their players, people, games, and locations better than we ever could, and so we respect each director’s ability to weigh any concerns and make decisions that best suit the event in question.

Please note that whether an event is accepted onto the PAPA Circuit has no bearing on whether it will be broadcast on PAPAtv. The PAPAtv Broadcast calendar is run independently of the Circuit, has its own separate requirements and its own expectations as to what makes a positive broadcast. If you are interested in becoming a PAPAtv broadcast, you must contact Mark Steinman directly via the contact page on to discuss those separate requirements.