Circuit 2016-17

The purpose of the PAPA Circuit is to raise the awareness of competitive pinball by showcasing high-level tournaments and associated events. PAPA believes by supporting the highest caliber of events and helping share information between them, we will create a positive working environment wherein all events improve and newcomers will feel safe in spending the time and money necessary to attend. Where one succeeds, others can learn from those successes and improve.


Directors whose tournaments meet a list of established criteria, and who submit their tournaments for inclusion, will have their events added to the list of potential candidates. Each year, players will be permitted to vote on the events and help determine the overall schedule. The top 20 events, as determined by the votes, will be added to the PAPA Circuit schedule for the following year. Tournament directors who would like to be included on the PAPA Circuit schedule are encouraged to run good events and engage their players in a positive way.

Circuit Standings:

Competitive pinball players will participate in a circuit of 20 tournaments, with each player’s 10 best results during the Circuit season contributing to their final qualifying point total. At the end of the PAPA Circuit season, the top 40 ranked players will be invited to compete in a Circuit Final tournament.

The PAPA Circuit Final is an invitation-only, no-entry-fee-required event where all contestants who qualify win prize money. The Circuit Final is a unique competitive event that pits each season’s best performers against one another in a last-man-standing tournament format.

Players who place in the top 40 at any of the Circuit events will be awarded points toward the overall standings, as described below. Each player’s 10 best results contribute points to their total for qualifying purposes.

Circuit Final:

At the end of the PAPA Circuit season, the top 40 ranked players are invited to compete in the Circuit Final. Twelve machines will be made available for the duration of the tournament.

In the first round, all players will be grouped by seed into 10 groups of 4 players. Each group of 4 players will compete on 4 different machines, with the highest seeded player given the choice of choosing the game to be played or determining order of play. At the end of the 4-game round, 2 players will advance out of each group into the second round, which will function similarly to the first.

At the start of the third round, the remaining 10 players will be placed in a ladder-style bracket based on their original seeds. The bottom 4 players will compete in a single game, with the lowest scoring player being removed from the contest and replaced by the next highest seed. When only 2 players remain, they will compete in a best two-games-out-of-three series to determine the Circuit Champion and decide who takes home the PAPA Circuit Belt!