PAPA World Championships

The main division of the PAPA World Pinball Championship is the most renowned event in all of competitive pinball, annually deciding the title of PAPA World Champion. Upon arriving, players declare a division (A, B, C, or D, with A being the official World Championships division) and enter as many times as they like, paying entry fees each time they choose to play. A competitor can play each machine as many times as they wish, but only their highest score will count toward their qualifying total.

After each of the chosen games are played, the individual game scores are assigned a point value based on how they compare to all other scores from the same machine: 100 points for the highest score, down to 1 point for 88th place, and 0 points for all lower scores. A player’s overall qualifying score consists of the total of his or her six highest individual game scores added together, for a maximum possible qualifying score of 600 points.

The top twenty-four players in each division compete in a PAPA-style final round to determine the winners of each division, and ultimately, the World Champion.